Monday, July 02, 2007

Women, Children and Education

The Economist (which all aspiring and junior deputy economists should be reading) came out with an amazing article on the effects of education on divorce, women and children.

Allow me to share just two charts from the article. The first one showing divorce rates versus education.

The most obvious relationship here is that the more a woman is educated the less likely she is to be divorced (also the younger the woman, the less likely as well).

The second chart shows that the more education women have the less likely their children are going to be raised by a single parent.

Now the article is amazing and important in that it shows the importance of education. Not just for earnings sake, but for healthy relationships' sakes and the sake of the children. it also shows smart women know that we men are cool dudes and not worth getting divorced from for we provide a heaven that is known as eternal bliss.

Alas, I would like to see the same figures for men.

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Zabrina said...

This is a great chart. Thanks for posting it; I've blogged it here:

And thanks for your comment on being tagged!

Very much enjoyed hearing from and about you. Not liking to read hasn't seemed to slow you down. I'm not sure my having read novels over and over in my misspent youth added much to the universe either.