Friday, June 06, 2008

Tornadoes Determine Economic Growth

So it's tornado chasing season and I usually try to get out to chase some storms down because this is what really cool, hip economist type guys do to impress the girls. And while dabbling on the internet I found this chart that showed where tornadoes occur and it occurred to me it is a nearly identical match to which countries enjoy 1st world status. ie-where there is the most tornadic activity there is also the most economic growth. Heck, even South Korea is plagued with tornadoes, but it's evil communist twin to the north is not.

This can only mean one things. CAPITALISTS ARE CONTROLLING THE GLOBAL WARMING TO BRING MORE TORNADOES TO THEIR COUNTRIES AND THUS MORE ECONOMIC GROWTH!!!! Those greedy bastards! Hogging all the tornadic activity to themselves!

Of course, this is not much more outlandish than most theories tendered by leftists.


MattYoung said...

It could also mean that capitalism grows where nature has excess energy that can be harvested.

It could also mean that poor people cannot measure the local weather very well.

Ryan Fuller said...

"It could also mean that poor people cannot measure the local weather very well."

That's what I was thinking when I first saw the chart. Step one for me whenever I look at any data set is to ask what's skewing the results.

she said: said...

Well then - I look forward to your posts regarding the "broken window parable."

Erik said...

I know you're not being serious, but to comment anyways - tornadoes occupy the same sort of terrain that is perfect for human habitation; stormy (meaning it isn't constantly raining - isn't a swamp - but instead has time for moisture to accumulate between fronts, which implies mostly stable), flat (the atmospheric energy is free to move around), and warm.

And my brother points out that the majority of tornadoes are only detectable by sophisticated equipment, never leaving the atmosphere, so only people who care enough and wealthy enough to invest money in weather monitoring systems will be aware of them.

EBD said...

The Lord hates economic growth. But since he can't possibly compete with the multinationals, he's reduced to wielding tornadoes.

OMMAG said...

Frikin KILLJOYs eh ??