Monday, March 16, 2009

What You Find on Patrol on the Washington Avenue Bridge

Many years ago, when the Captain was just a rookie private in this grand scheme of life, he worked at the police department at the U of MN for their campus security program. And kind of a hobby I wish I was more thorough about was that I would grab various fliers and posters on the limitless poster boards that piqued my interest or I found interesting. As I said I wished I did it more, because there were some really interesting fliers/posters not from an intellectual sense but from an artistic sense, yet I only grabbed a handful.

Regardless, on all of the U of MN campus, the most common place you'd find posters and fliers would be the Washington Avenue bridge which spanned the Mississippi and connected the East and West banks of campus. And that's where I found this one below (recently rediscovered as I am cleaning out my house);

I certainly hope Tom found the girl. A very Cappy Cap salute to Tom, wherever he may be.

I'll be uploading more, no so much for economic commentary, but more to have a digital record of what I found.


Anonymous said...

She is so ugly... She looks like a box.

Anonymous said...

shoot....shes cute as as a button