Sunday, December 27, 2009

San Francisco 2030

Is the Detroit of today!



Anonymous said...

That should be mandatory viewing for all of America.
GM is a microcosm of the entire US economy. GM was once the largest US employer, and their products were the envy of the World. They made money from building things and selling the product. Recently GM was losing money on car manufacturing, and only made profits from their financial division. What a great business model, loose money selling cars, but make money from car loans.
That sounds a lot like the current USA. Why manufacture products anymore, just borrow the money from China.

CBMTTek said...

Going to send that one to all my liberal acquaintances.

Only time will tell, but I predict I will get the following responses:
1. 13 minutes! I don't have time to watch that! (Sure, you have three hours to play WoW, but no time to learn something new???)
2. The government needs to do something about that. (Totally neglecting the point that it was the Government doing something that caused the problem)
3. Those people need to stay in school, get an education. (Did you miss the first 1/3rd of the video?)
4. He is not showing you the whole story. I bet everything he showed you was in one single area. (Oh, but Michael Moore shows the whole truth, and nothing but the truth all the time? Please?)

Actually, I think I will keep some records on the responses I get from my liberal buddies. See how many choose #1 instead of any of the others.

Captain Capitalism said...

You know, if you record their responses that would be great, it would be worth a post unto itself.

What you really ought to do though is send them the link to my you tube video where I go over government expenditures and the budget;

CBMTTek said...

Thanks for the direct link. You pretty much summed it up. When reality does not fit their beliefs, then there must be some kind of conspiracy, or the data is wrong, or Bush is to blame, or whatever.

I will see what kind of responses I get. If I get any responses that could benefit from your part 7 YouTube posting, I will be sure to forward them to it.

But, to be completely honest, I do not think I have enough liberal contacts to get anything that represents a legitimate sample. I know I will get at least two or three riled up enough to respond, but most of the folks I know will just ignore it, or if they do view it, they will not bother to comment.

If I get something worth talking about, I will send it along.

Nick Rowe said...

I laughed my ass off from the polar bear.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it took over an hour to download it, but it was well worth it.

One thing he doesn't show that I'd like to have seen is how Windsor, Ontario compares with Detroit Mich. They are across the Detroit river and both are auto industry towns with strong unions.

I'm curious because Detroit is considered a disaster, yet I never hear the same litany of woes about Windsor.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Windsor; it has the highest unemployment in Ontario. The union town has meant, new business prospects leave town. Windsor does not have an American style ghetto,which is the only major difference with Detroit.

CBMTTek said...

Sorry Cap't.

Did not get any meaningful responses from my liberal acquaintances. Some muttering about how the Government needs to do something, and one person defended the UAW, but nothing worth collecting as useful data.