Monday, November 28, 2011

"We Didn't Have the Manosphere When We Were Growing Up!"

Much like television, radio, MP3 players, etc., every generation will have the:

"We didn't have X when we were growing up! You young whipper snappers with your electrical doo dads and everything! Why we hiked to school in the snow, uphill, both ways!"

And even now I start to see myself saying those things to the "kids" of today.

"You damn children have no idea what hell it was to write a term paper! We had to use the Dewey Decimal system and go to these obsolete places called "libraries" and look up things on "micro film" and "micro fiche!"

But there is an advancement in society that has been a genuine advancement that will genuinely help the youth and provide them with an advantage we did not have. And that is the Manosphere.

I cannot claim this original thought. I believe it was a commenter on one of my posts or perhaps somebody else's, but his point was a very good one. And it went something paraphrased like this:

"I'm 39. And I didn't have the luxury of the internet providing the forum for various men throughout the nation to compare notes and realize that it wasn't them that had the problem, but that it was a trend. A sociological, nationwide phenomenon, a veritable sickness where women played mind games, purposely treated men like crap, and got some kind of a kick out of it. Meanwhile I was told I had to be a "good guy" and "respect women" which ultimately resulted in me getting stepped upon while the bad boys got all the benefit. If I only had the Manosphere today back then my life would have not only been better, but unfathomably easier. THE YOUNG MEN OF TODAY SHOULD BE THANKFUL THERE'S A HOW-TO MANUAL ON THE INTERNET, AND THAT HOW TO MANUAL IS CALLED THE MANOSPHERE."

Now I am not much of one for tooting my own horn, but we in the manosphere must admit, and take pride in one thing we have accomplished. In all of our writings, all of our opinings and just the sheer audacity to write this stuff in fear of being accused of "sexism" or "misogyny," we've made it easier for current and future generations of males in America to navigate this minefield that was laid before them.

As I pointed out earlier, most boys, don't even know there's a minefield in front of them to begin with, and thus they stumble through the field, taking hit after hit and never understanding why.

But now, because of the internet and because of writers such as us, young boys actually do stand a chance. They do have a better chance of a life easier than ours, less painful than ours, and ultimately, more productive than ours.

It should not be cause for jealousy, but for celebration, because what we 30-50 year old somethings have done is compared notes, confirmed trends, identified problems and brought to light genuine threats that face our younger male compatriots. And not only did we identify them, we published them, exposing these threats for all the world to see some even under our own names.

And so now, instead of 19 year old "Steve" going forth into the meat grinder and idealistically asking "Amy" on a date, only to have her stand him up or flake out at the last minute, our good young friend Steve doesn't sit there and wonder "what's wrong with me?" and fall into a depressive stoop. He hops on the internet, finds Roissy, Dalrock, Unambitious Male, MGTOW, etc. etc. and understands there's nothing wrong with him. There's something wrong with Amy.

And I don't know if most of you guys remember the early 1990's, but if you think back, I believe you'll remember no shortage of girls playing games, running gambits and stringing you along if for any other reason than to make themselves feel better at your expense. And we may not have our revenge on them today (although, of course we do), but we can take solace in the fact we are preventing such mind-game damage from being inflicted upon the boys of today.

In short we have become the vaccination against this psychosis by merely speaking about it, pointing it out, and making such observations available to the boys of today on the internet. And though we didn't have this luxurious resource available to us, thereby forcing us to wander in the wilderness, we did inevitably figure it out which makes the lives of future boys all that much easier.

So I say it's time to unscrew a bottle of Rumpleminze and make a toast to yourselves. Because pretty much every young man is going to have a better life in the future simply because of us. And if you ever wonder if you've ever contributed something useful to society (which true men often ponder), you can now safely say "yes, yes I did contribute something useful to society. I helped spare some poor 21 year old schlep the hell I had to go through when I was his age."

Pompously enjoy the decline.

Post post - here are two comments that did not get posted in the orginal post of this:


bigmo said...

I am a 56 year old male who grew up on the 70's. Without the MANOSPHERE I had to struggle with what it meant to be a man. After struggling with who and what I was, at the age of 28 I finally saw the lie the women's movement had purported on me. Going back to my animal instincts I begin living like a man. My life turned 180 degrees for the better and I have never looked back.
I raised my son, who is now 27, to know how to be a man. Seeing how well this has served him I shutter to think how different my life would have been without the liberal, touche-freely, bleeding heart get in touch with your feminine side influence.

The MANOSPHERE is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post entirely, and I thank you and many others for doing what you do every day.

Honest to God, the manosphere has helped me get back my sanity, self-respect, and sense of direction in this insane world. I won't go into details, but this sector of the internet gave me the answers I had been seeking for so long, interestingly enough, during one of the lowest points in my life.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Rowan said...

Hey Capt, as a 20 something male, I'd like to thank you and the Manosphere for the massive improvement to my life. It's turned me on to self improvement and adventure. I can't believe the progress I've made in the last month, 2 months, 3 months. Just over a year ago I was homeless for a short while, but won't go into that right now.

Now I'm on a paleo diet, weight lifting program, building up savings from my job, working on my own software business with a plan in place to KEEP THE MONEY for myself. My personality has changed, I have a stronger character, I get shit done and no longer worry or have anxiety. As for women, I'm not bothering with them for the next 8 months while I build up my business.

I'm far from perfect but every week, I tick off more goals, get more done, have more confidence, less depressive and negative thoughts and more fun.

Spread the word.

Suz said...

It's about time. One of womens' "strengths" has always been our social support networks. These have been used for a lot of good, and a lot of bad. And as communication technology has become faster and more anonymous, the bad has grown at a phenomenal rate. Although I see plenty of spite and immaturity among men in the manosphere, I'm glad to see men communicating because what I see even more of, is valuable experience and wisdom being shared.

For thousands of years women have been coaching each other on how to "manage" men. This was absolutely necessary for our survival back when we were utterly dependent on men, because we truly had only two choices: either submit or live on the streets. (or in a convent.)
Now that we have gained the legal right to "have it all," or more specifically to PURSUE it all, we have taken to using our support networks as weapons against men. We seem to have forgotten that men are not supposed to be the enemy.

I'm delighted to see men using these time-tested tools; it's important to society as a whole that neither gender have an unfair advantage over the other. It's time to restore some balance.

Father Marker said...

Hey bigmo, I can imagine that you have a lot of experience and wisdom that you can share with the greenhorns among us.

I'd be most curious to know the kinds of things you shared with you boy given that my twin boys are in their teenage years now. How about you blog it.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hey Rowan

Good for you. It sounds like you are finally getting out of a hell. Life will not be as continually improving at a consistent rate, but it is experiences like that that will help you handle more or less anything thrown at you.

Keep up the good and aim to be happy, not necessarily the next billionaire. Though that woudln't hurt either.


Anonymous said...

As a man who turns 65 this year(happilly married 39 years; 2 grown kids), your meessage, Captain, truly hit the nail on the head. The Manosphere has led to the growth of common sense conservatism as a mass movement - we have by NO means 'won' THAT epic war yet, but at least the battle has been joined. The feminization of education > politics > government needs a LOT of unwinding, but it HAS at last begun ... with major thanks to the Manosphere. Thank you Captain for making this overtly known.

Dave Sanderson

Anonymous said...

Pics or it didn't happen

ray said...

right you are cappy, it's about the boys, making sure they arent mindwiped like prior generations of males were when it comes to female nature and the vile gynocracies

if they dont wanna know, it wont be b/c we didnt tell them, and make the info freely available