Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Manosphere

Welcome to The Manosphere!

I'm your lovable host Cappy Cap and I'm here to give you a basic break down and introduction to "The Manosphere" and the blogs that populate it therein.

The Manosphere has no one specific origin, but its manifestation can largely be attributed to the internet making it possible for men to compare notes and realize one thing:

"No, we're not crazy."

Understand, up until the internet, most men, as well as young boys, intuitively knew something was wrong.  We had a hunch.  But we could never prove it.  We were only relegated to our own experiences in our own local neighborhoods which led us to believe that not only was this phenomenon a local affair, but forced us to conclude that if there were any problems we had with dating, courtship, and our general social/sexual interaction with women it had to be our fault.  We were to blame.  We were not "aggressive enough" "too aggressive" "not sensitive enough" "too sensitive" all the while our single moms and society kept telling us "you're just not looking in the right places" or (my all time favorite) "maybe YOU just attract the wrong type of girl."

Of course, now since the advent of the internet thousands of men have compared notes, shared stories and made various philosophical, political, economic and even scientific observations, resulting in the millions of pages of wisdom that compose The Manosphere today.  These millions of pages are slowly coalescing into theories, laws, and rules that make for an entertaining social "science."  But most importantly this body of work has provided clarity, guidance and an explanation as to what has happened to society since the feminist revolution of the 70's, making it so that current and future generations of young boys needn't wander through the clueless hellish wilderness their predecessors did.  We introduce a (GASP) MALE INFLUENCE into the traditionally "feminist" dominated discussion about how the sexes should interact and behave.  We make it perfectly acceptable to voice politically incorrect and unpopular opinions when it comes to the sexes.  We provide guidance to young boys, young men, and disillusioned men to turn around and improve their lives.  We expose what is an evil and purposed agenda of feminists.  We fight for freedom, America, truth, reality and liberty.  We essentially supply the modern day male version of "Cosmo," "People Magazine," "Glamor" women have had for 50 years, but we replace the mindless drivel with intelligent, constructive and reality based thought and logic.

In short it is the first real haven for all men across the world to go to, be themselves, and think for themselves.  And for modern day feminists it means the jig is up.

There is no core or nucleus to The Manosphere as it is truly open source, nor is there any "mission statement."  The blogs that compose that Manosphere range quite widely, including women authors, just as much as they do men (because a lot of women actually do love the men in their lives enough to care about them).  However, they all have one thing in common - they are here to help.

Help how?

By destroying and exposing the lies foisted upon you, me and everybody else for the past 50 years - primarily by feminists - about how men and women "should be" instead of accepting how we actually are.

Naturally, there's a lot of backlash and controversy surrounding The Manosphere.  People politically invested in trying to get men and women to ignore their basic sexuality, desires and impulses hate us because we threaten their gravy train (what job would feminists have if women were actually programmed to like and support men?).  Young women who benefit financially and socially by manipulating relationships, marriage and courting, merely to extract billions of dollars in free drinks or trillions of dollars in divorce courts every year. Entire government agencies (their employees and union members of which depend HEAVILY upon having a government check replace fathers and husbands) hate us as well.  The legal system is also not fond of us and our bachelor-like non-marrying ways.  Socialists and communist despise us as we insist on independence, freedom and small government.  And (frankly) millions of men and women whose fragile feelings we shatter every day with reality also hate us.

But that's just the thing.  Reality.

The Manosphere, if anything else, is a backlash of men who just plain got sick and tired of being lied to about how society "should work," how we "should" behave, and what we "should" want.  It is also a  backlash of being lied to about the realities of the psycho-socio-sexual dynamics between men and women (for example we are shamed if we don't like fat chicks no matter how viscerally and biologically we are disgusted by them).  It is also a backlash as we see America, Western Civilization and our culture not just being mocked, ridiculed and villainized, but being destroyed.

And now, in true traditional male form, daddy's coming home and he's pissed.  A lot of men in The Manosphere worked hard with nothing to show for it.  They did all the right things, but they're still divorced, unemployed, underemployed, in debt, living in or near poverty and thus have nothing left to lose.  As they look for an explanation they'll find it, they will take "The Red Pill" (a vernacular you will see commonly), and they will respond by voicing their opinions in The Manosphere with little to no regard for political, economic or employment consequences because, once again, they have nothing left to lose.

Therefore as you explore and read through The Manosphere you will see a lot of anger, crass language, cursing, and vulgarity.  You will also see a heavy-handed truth being laid down.  Uncomfortable truths.  Politically incorrect truths.  And truths that make people angry.  However, The Manosphere doesn't care about your feelings, your political motivations, your ulterior motives or maintaining a status quo.  We are just concerned about one thing:


The truth, or as I like to call it "The Reality Principle," is very simple - if people base their decisions in reality, it will prove much more beneficial for everyone in that our decisions will be effective.  A classic example is a re-visitation of the fat girl.  However, first please dispense your natural reaction to call me evil, mean or shallow for talking about "fat chicks."  Ask yourself what is the reality of the situation.

The reality is men don't like fat chicks.

What's the REALITY-BASED solution?

Hound and shame men for decades about them being shallow cads for liking skinny chicks in the hopes you change their genetic programming that has been developing for millions of years?


Just lose the freaking weight?

Also ask yourself what is the outcome to the reality-based solution of the woman losing weight vs. the hounding-shaming option?  The reality-based solution is two people who are happier.  The non-reality based one is no one being happy.

Whatever the example, The Manosphere's obsession with truth is not to "gain an upper hand" over women in the battle of the sexes.  Nor is it for some ulterior political motive.  And no, it really isn't to insult or hurt people.  It is merely to make the best decisions possible by basing them in the real world to make EVERYBODY (women too) happy.

Now I could go on as there are many other facets to The Manosphere, but I believe the above in general covers what The Manosphere is about (and certainly up for debate by other members of The Manosphere).  However, in addition to an introduction to The Manosphere permit me to provide you a bit of a guide or a map to The Manosphere, highlighting various categories and members (please submit any you suggest, also understand I have merely categorized these blogs, not vetted them).

Female Manosphere Bloggers

Yes, we have them!  I started with them to immediately dismiss the 100%-guaranteed-accusation that The Manosphere is sexist or misogynist.  Though the term is MANosphere, understand there are a lot of women who didn't drink the feminist kool aid and actually LIKE MEN!  They have husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, uncles and nephews, and heck, some of them just have male friends they all love and care about.  They also realize that men account for half the population AND they also like to engage and enjoy the company of men.  Be it romantically, socially or through their families.

They also never swallowed whole the BS that a traditional "woman's role" was somehow shameful or to be looked down upon.  They are happy and proud to be stay at home mothers.  They are happy to be housewives.  And even though some of them aren't married or stay at home moms and are more career gals, they never ONCE would look down upon women nor belittled the importance of a stable, nuclear family to children and society.

Allow me to introduce:

Dr. Helen
Hooking Up Smart
The Thinking Housewife
Haley's Halo
Kathy Shaidle
Ema the Emo
Joan of Argggh!
Clarissa's Blog
Shining Pearls of Something
Verus Conditio
Owning Your Shit 
Red Pill Wifey

and I'd also recommend this tutorial for women on the Manosphere.

Divorce/Marriage/Religious Bloggers

From here The Manosphere dissects into different subsegments or "specialties."  Perhaps most notable is the Divorce/Marriage/Religious Group.  They are not just a support group for divorced men or men going through legal troubles in terms of custody, alimony or child support, but also an advice group for married people with a twinge of religion added in there.

Allow me to introduce:

The Spearhead
Christian Men's Defense Network
Married Man Sex Life
Gaming My Wife
A Voice for Men
Free Northerner
Wintery Knight
Elusive Wapiti
Complementarian Loners  
Vitas Brennus
The Woman and the Dragon
A Voice for Men

Then there are generalist sites that provide readers with advice on everyday things and all that is being manly.  Working out, health, diet dating.  Everything that is being a man.

Allow me to introduce:

The Art of Manliness
Hawaiian Libertarian
Freedom 25
Matt Forney
The Professor
Bold and Determined
The G Manifesto
Post Masculine
Sober Down Under
Viva La Manosphere!

Economics and Political Philosophy

Part of being a man means you're independent.  That becomes harder and harder when feminists, communists and socialists brainwash the little kinder into voting for more and more government involvement into our personal lives.  Additionally, as you'll find out, "feminism" really isn't about helping women as much as it is a Trojan horse for communism.  Thus since freedom, wealth, profit, excellence and economic progress are not just key to a true man's ideology, but also under assault, the Manosphere has a subsegment on economics and political philosophy

Allow me to introduce you to:

Delusional Damage
Save Capitalism
Rational Male
Smallest Minority
Heretics Way
Apocalypse Cometh
No Ma'am
Red Pill Room
Real Free Market
The Red Pill Room 
GL Piggy 
RedPill reddit
and of course me, Cappy Cap

PUA/Gaming Community

If there was a core or a kernel to The Manosphere, it got its origins from the "Pick Up Artist" or "Gaming" Community.  These blogs arose from the painfully obvious fact that what we were told women wanted (by women, single moms, and female friends) were just outright lies.  Naturally, doing what we were told didn't work and so developed a completely new and revolutionary approach - we experimented doing the complete opposite and it worked.  There is much more to it than that, and the science has refined itself, but the "gaming" section of The Manosphere is MANDATORY READING for all boys who either had no father, had an emasculated man as a father or had a single mom bring up up telling you girls liked "sensitive men" and "poetry" and other communist propagandist drivel like that.

Allow me to introduce:

Roissy (arguably the Godfather and creator of The Manosphere)
Fred on Everything (though people also claim Fred was the predecessor)
Tom Leykis (radio show version of The Manosphere)
The University of Man
Fly Fresh & Young
Danger and Play
The Private Man
Vox Day
Keoni Galt

A warning to all of you who read the above links.  These are MANosphere blogs.  There will be cursing, crass and lewd words used.  It's locker room talk.  If you're shocked by that and feel the need to "NARC" on them and get these people in trouble with their employers, then ask yourself the questions:

1.  Is it your right to force your perception of what's "appropriate" on men?
2.  How pathetic of a person are you that you have to go and tattle tale on them?


Another interesting segment is MGTOW or "Men Going Their Own Way."  These guys have checked out.  They're gone.  You won't see them, they've gone ghost.  Some would call them bitter, however, their numbers suggest this is more than a group of guys who had enough, grabbed their toys and went home.  Additionally, their philosophy is not one of "I'm taking my toys and going home."  It's one of "I'm finite, I'm going to die, and I'm not going to be in a miserable marriage with kids I can't afford and the daily fear of getting divorced.  I'm hopping on my motorcycle, climbing mountains, going fishing, starting a business and living a full and unique life before I die."

Allow me to introduce you to:

Bernard Chapin
Bill Burr
Buster B
Mirror of the Soul
Angry Harry

Finally I would also recommend reading RooshV's essay on The Manosphere as well as The Misandry Bubble as, like here, they also try to provide a top down view of The Manosphere.  No Ma'am also has a large archive you may wish to consult. Also for a woman's perspective (who is protective of her son) you may want to consult this.
And finally not really a "MAN"ifesto, but more of a declaration of what the true aim of the Manosphere is.

Hopefully, for those of you unfamiliar with or conducting research about The Manosphere this little post and directory provides you the basics as well as a good overview.  Again, this is just my humble corner and take on it, and opinions will vary, but hopefully this will prove to be a good launching point for your introduction and exploration of The Manosphere.


jaericho said...

The Misandry Bubble and this are the best summaries of the MRM I've read.

Zorro said...

Very good post.

A small point: It's "tattle tale."

Zorro said...

Very good post.

A small point: It's "tattle tale."

Anonymous said...

Excellent summation Cap'n. I was starting to get worried a bit there, as I was examing your links, but The Futurist was there at the end. No manospere collection is complete without The Misandry Bubble.

Good job. You've given me several more sources to peruse.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job Cap'n. I'm glad to see you didn't forget The Misandry Bubble.

Now I have several more sources to peruse. Thanks.

Badger said...

Thanks for putting me on there, Cap'n. I really appreciate whatever soul volunteered me in your manosphere survey. It's been a great ride so far.

Anonymous said...

good article here--

if the manosphere or mens rights want to get taken serious, it can't get hijacked by the trashy neo nazi's or other kooks with twisted agenda's...

Captain Capitalism said...

Agreed, and I didn't vet the blogs above. I'm leaving that to the readers. Though I think the Manosphere does a pretty good job of cleaning house. People don't last long spewing "white supremacy" or using the c word.

Korsgaard said...

What do we do if we want our blogs as part of the Manosphere?

Captain Capitalism said...

Post it here and tell me what category it should be in and I'll update it.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the double linkage there, Cap!

My I humbly suggest you check out Rob Fedder's "No Ma'am" blog.

He's the original MGTOW blogger, and he's still goin strong.

Anonymous said...

He's already up there.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog post. This needed to be said.

I've been saying much the same thing for a while in my comments on various blogs. The people in the manosphere might disagree, but at least we now get to have these discussions. The manosophere is a way to do an end run around the media gatekeepers and education racketeers who controlled the discussion for so long. I think the main reason feminists and SPLC are frothing at the mouth is because they're finding they're no longer able to control the discussion -- or the terms of the discussion -- any longer.

I wish this had all been available when I was in my twenties.

However, I do feel the need to bring up one addition to you list: LEYKIS!!!

That's right, Tom Leykis, the foul-mouthed radio host. A lot of his classic shows are available for streaming on YouTube and he's also doing a podcast. He and F. Roger Devlin laid the ground work for Roissy, IMO.

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Anonymous said...

Angry Harry from the UK for great anti feminist theory. On a par with No Ma'am.

Mark said...

The internet has been one of the best things to happen for guys. None of these issues were ever discussed in the old mainstream media. Women, being the emotion driven illogical creatures that they are, have attempted to set up an unrealistic system where they can have their cake and eat it too. They want to spend time with sexy alpha males while having beta males provide financial support via the mechanisms of the government welfare state. This includes not just direct welfare for poor women but also indirect welfare for middle class women in the form of government make work jobs for women, government enforced affirmative action, and government enforced divorce laws that financially strip beta males of their assets when women divorce them. The manosphere, by making men aware of what's happening, enables them to form strategies to counteract that. Guys can avoid paying taxes to support the welfare state by turning into slackers who just enjoy life. They can avoid being financially raped by women in divorce courts by not getting married in the first place and using game and pua techniques to get sex. When the numbers of game playing male slackers reach a critical mass, tax receipts will dry up and the whole welfare state apparatus women rely on will come crashing to the ground. Looking at our widening yearly federal deficits, I would say the process is already under way. After it goes, women will be forced to offer value to men in return for relationships with them.

FSK said...

You left me out from the economics section! ""

amcz said...

No one should ever link to Vox Day. The man's too much of an ass and his readership consists of nationalistic goons.

Alkibiades said...

Cap'n Cap FTW!

Elusive Wapiti said...

Thanks for the linkosity, Cappy. I'm honored to make the roster, with so many other more powerful writers like HL, Rob Fedders, Dalrock, Athol Kay, VD, etc.

"The Misandry Bubble" is of course required introductory reading.

I personally enjoyed reading F. Roger Devlin's stuff, and may I also recommend Ian Ironwood as well.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Cap. Now you should update and re-post this article every six months to inform those new to the 'sphere. And not just because you are right, but because the future of Western civilisation depends upon it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Wow! I"m ornery-- er, -- honored to be linked amongst such august and testosterone-filled company.


wv sez: bytching

Well, yeah!

The Private Man said...

Thanks for the mention!

Bill Powell said...

Thanks Captain for including me in this list. I never would have imagined that I would ever be a part of such an esteemed group of like minded individuals.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage captain.

My last couple comments have gotten eaten so hopefully this one sticks, but in regards to sundays post- yes you influenced my tagline. Longtime lurker.

Keep fighting the good fight

. said...

Heh, thanks for the link. I've read you before at Small Dead Animals, given that I'm from Western Canuckistan. Added you to my link list.

Zorro said...

amcz said...

No one should ever link to Vox Day. The man's too much of an ass and his readership consists of nationalistic goons.

Gotta agree. Vox Day is proof that just because you're in MENSA doesn't mean you aren't a bat-shit crazy lunatic. Not long ago he put up a stellar self-beclowning post that perfectly described evo-psych as the foundation for female hypergamy and Game...and then proclaimed it proved evo-psych was pseudo-science and that Christianity was the foundation of PUA skills.

I have no problems with anyone's religion, but the dude is a fucking MORON!

CL said...

Hey Captain. Could you add 7man and me to the list? I suppose we are "Divorce/Marriage/Religious Bloggers" although we cover a wide range of manosphere topics.

Complementarian Loners


Free Northerner said...

That's a pretty good list (especially since I made it on).

I'm not sure about some of the girls though.

Clarissa's a feminist, a fairly reasonable one mind, but still a feminist.

HUS, has recently been having some problems with the manosphere.

SDA is pretty awesome, but I'm not sure she's actually manosphere.

Other than that, it's a great list.

Alex VanderWoude said...

Good summary, Cappy.

Small nitpick: It's "Kathy Shaidle", not "Kathy Shailde".

LadySadie said...

Nice post, Cap'n. It will be a good resource to introduce others to the Manosphere.

and...I second that request for CL and 7man.

Kevin said...

Wow. Thanks for the link! I'm honored to be among this list.

TJIC said...

> Female Manosphere Bloggers
> there are a lot of women who didn't drink the feminist kool aid
> Booksbikesboomsticks

Every time I've mentioned Game to Tam in email or tweet (e.g. a passing reference to the fact that by the time a woman reaches her late 30s it's like shooting fish in a barrel) she's flown off the handle and gotten outraged.

Tam has pretty good opinions on most things, but I think if you're trying to lump her in with "people who have taken the red pill", especially on dating matters, you're making a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Fred Reed is the real father of the manosphere. He's been writing about these issues on his excellent blog, "Fred on Everything", since the late ninties, I believe. I do know that there wasn't anyone on the net before him.

He was the one who blew the doors open.

Firepower said...

Women just can't grasp the concept of game - it's too blue pill for them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cap.

David Collard said...

Great article. Crowd-sourced non-professionals have beaten the supposed expert social scientists to the punch. And answered Freud's question - what do women want?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if he was already mentioned, but ManWomenMyth from youtube should be on here.

Jake said...

You missed the most awesome blog of all time. Maybe because it wouldn't be a list, just a single link. Of awesome.

Check it.

Captain Capitalism said...

Links have been updated.

Thank you for your contributions and making sure the list is more comprehensive.

Jeffrey of Troy said...

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist tech belongs solidly in the MGTOW category.

Not sure which of your categories False Rape Society belongs in, but it's very much about taking the Red Pill. (I know, I know.. NAWALT.)

uk Fred said...

In the Religious/marriage/Divorce category from the East side of the Pond, UK Fred has just started up. I would appreciate the mention.

Jeremiah said... would be a good one to include.

Jeremiah said...

Good article. would be a good one to include.

Unknown said...

I've been thinking about this for a while; I'm linking this post on the sidebar of my new blog:

Thanks for writing this - it's an excellent resource!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your contributions and making sure the list is more comprehensive.

Anonymous said...

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jenny said...

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RedPillWifey said...

Thanks for the linkage, Cap!

Emma said...

I don't believe I ever thanked you for this... Sorry about that. Now I thank you very much :)

MarkyMark said...


Let me give you a belated THANK YOU for the linkage! It's an honor to be on the list of Manosphere giants, Sir. BTW, you have a great blog, and I especially enjoy how you tie in economics to the modern SMP/MMP.

As you said in a few of your posts, men are looking at dating and marriage from the standpoint of a cost/benefit analysis, and that they've found it wanting. Because of this, men are just dropping out of the game. I know that this is what has happened to me; it just isn't WORTH it anymore, so I walked off the field...


Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

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