Tuesday, May 01, 2012

When Jesus and Feminists Collide

"Yes, preaching on women’s responsibilities is a great idea. I have seen it done. The women revolt and the pastor is quickly fired. I have heard supposedly Christian women flatly say they will never, ever, ever submit to their husbands or obey what the Bible has to say about their role. The problem is not a lack of knowledge; it is a lack of obedience. As long as civil and criminal law is on their side they will continue to behave as they do. After all, they have every incentive to rebel. Who is going to stop them? The church? The government? The media?"

Ah, it's just like breaking out my folding chair, lighting up a cigar and watching the 4th of July fireworks.  So glad I left the church.  So glad I gamed up.  Now it's like watching the communists and nazi's duke it out in the Battle of Kursk.


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

If you think Christians are bad, try dealing with Unitarians. I've gotten really tired of the hating on straight white males that I hear from the pulpit in a number of Unitarian-Universalist churches.

Jokah Macpherson said...

They don't get their panties in a wad over the "Render unto Caesar" line ("I am an independent woman and I will never, ever submit to any kind of nation-state.") but bring out the apostle Paul and the feminist spines bristle up.

Captain Capitalism said...

I wish I studied Corinthians (both) enough to know the punch line on that. But alas, I was hating Jesus and God enough by the time I was 7 I was not really paying attention to any overtones or reading between the lines of the bible at that time.

Chris said...


Look, you ain't in the faith. OK. You are honest about it, and I can then have fun where we agree -- which is close to 99% when it comes to the economy. (the one percent is why are you still in the people's republic of minnesota).

But I hate Christian feminists. Because they do not understand what they have signed up to. If you say you are a Christian, you have to obey his commands -- and that is going to be a struggle. Somewhere. If it is not lusting, it will be greed, gluttony or gambling etc

(yes, ran out of words to alliterate).

Now, must guys talk about how they would want to deal with this and how to obey the commands they have. Which are not exactly easy. But the wimmnenz -- do not want to submit. To anyone, not even Jesus.

They want their fantasy world.

Well, that is their business, but can they please not insult my intelligence by pretending that they are in any way Christian. They are not, and they are lying about this.

I'd rather deal with wiccans. At least they are honest.

Ping Jockey said...

"...I have heard supposedly Christian women flatly say they will never, ever submit to their husbands or obey what the Bible has to say about their role..."

It sounds like these "Christian" women are "Christian" in name only -- instead of worshipping God and Christ, all they are worshipping are themselves.

Hypocrites and liars are ALWAYS hypocrites and liars, no matter what their religion.

"I'd rather deal with wiccans. At least they are honest."

Thank you for the compliment -- we Wiccans who take our religion and spiritual beliefs seriously follow the Rede and never forget The Threefold Law.

But be warned -- don't be fooled by someone who describes themselves as 'Wiccan': take the time to get to know them, because (sadly) they can be just as crooked, dishonorable and dishonest as anyone else. (Even "Christian" women.)