Monday, July 09, 2012

Dalrock and Badger Walk Into a Bar

Good ol Dalrock.  Always good for a laugh.

And by laugh I mean "guffaw."

And by "guffaw" I mean "nothing's funnier than reality crushing people."

And let's not forget Badger.  Boys, you NEVER, EVER make going to a bar with a girl the SOLE event of the evening.  You ALWAYS make it a secondary event enroute home.   For example, you NEVER say,

"Hey, it'd be great to get a drink on Friday!"

You wait till Friday, call her up at 8PM and say,

"Hey, I'm finishing up a game around 9PM, you want to meet up for a drink around 930?"

Oh, you sad nice boys.  I was once just like you, now I look back with such hindsight it's painfully funny to see the obvious errors we made.

Enjoy the decline!

2 comments: to the radio said...

The number one mistake was wine bar.
Adam Carolla and his Mangria notwithstanding, men drink beer and bourbon.
Finding a good drink at a wine bar is like looking for a good steak at Red Lobster.

Dalrock said...

Thanks Captain!