Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Fat Studies"

Honest to god, I'm not making it up.




I am truly at a loss for words because I can't understand the logic or the psychology that drives this insanity.  I mean, I understand these people are self-absorbed children that want to ignore the real world.  I understand they're leftists who abuse academia to create faux studies out of whole cloth so they can essentially steal money from naive students and taxpayers.  And I also know they're ego-maniacs as evidenced merely collecting a government check isn't enough for them - they need some kind of make-believe "profession" to feed their self-esteem.  I get all that (and I'm not even a psychologist).

What I'm trying to figure out is how they can lie to themselves and take themselves seriously, let alone expect the rest of the world to.  Is the real world so threatening to them that they delude themselves into such insanity?  Are they so afraid of real work, commitment, discipline, rigor and (frankly) math that they come up with something as ludicrous as "fat studies?"  How afraid of reality does one have to be to create a "Fat Studies" class (and good god, I fear) a "Fat Studies Program?"

All I can ask is that when I'm long gone and some archeologist happens upon my blog that they read this and say,

Archeologist - "Hey, look, right here.  I found the answer to why the American Empire Collapsed."

Assistant - "Whatcha find?"

Archeologist - "Well, they cut the number of men that could attend STEM degrees according to something called "Title XIII" and replaced it with "Fat Studies."

Assistant - "Wow.  What did they think was going to happen?"

Archeologist - "I have no idea, but this Aaron Clarey fellow sure was one smart, handsome, charming, clever and refined fellow."

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PunkyMD said...

I just can't wait for 'fat hate crime' legislation. Enjoy the decline!!

Amy said...

Some people are fat and want to be that way. Fine, no problems with that, if they just keep to themselves and be quiet about it.

I cannot respect her for her attitude, since she chooses to remain fat. I can respect someone who works it and derives self-esteem from a positive outlook, but she is not doing that: her intent is to force everyone else to accept her so she won’t have to work so hard at maintaining that “positive” attitude.

Deep, deep down inside her soul, she knows something is wrong and is using her position in academia to force others to change so she will not have to.

The machinations of all liberal policy: let's change you so we don't have to!

Anonymous said...

"there will be a huge growth phase for fat studies in the next two years"

Stuff like that just can't be made up.

Anonymous said...


maxx said...

When I was a kid all schools had fat studies but they called it physical education.

maxx said...

When I was a kid all schools had fat studies, back then it was called physicl education.

sisterbrat said...

I am confused. What is it these people want? Validattion? Acceptance?

They can scream that they are vibrant and sexy as they are, and they can do it as much as they want, but it wont change the fact that they are not sexy, desirable or lusted after.

Are they eventually going to try and title 9 sex and love? First sports, then STEM, then....dates and marriage. yuch.

Anonymous said...

Could we get a non-nazi version of the Hitler Youth where fatties are seen as the enemies of America that they are? Jesus, I had to look at hot Victoria's Secret models for like 10 minutes to get the vision of that porker with the 'Yay!' scale out of my brain.

Anonymous said...

OK, I couldn't care less that they add another useless discipline to curriculum, but it does appear that they are serious about the whole Title IX applying to STEM disciplines schtick. My God, if this gets any traction we are all toast. How effing hard are the Chinese and Indians laughing. Talk about your bloodless coups!!

Will Brown said...

Snickers all 'round!

Dan said...

If you aren't happy with reality
you have two choices....change the
reality or change the descriptors of that reality. Fat people are fat for a number of reasons. The number one reason is they are too lazy to get off their fat asses, stop eating and start moving. That means that changing their reality is too much work. It's much easier to just change the words used to describe reality. That is why we have phrases and euphemisms such
as "rubenesque", "curvy" and "BBW"
when the reality is these are just
misleading terms for FAT.

Turling said...

I enjoy how the first commentor on the big fatty blog goes right into not calling it "fat studies, but "size studies" or "body studies". Never mind the whole idea is batsh&t, but let's not hurt anyone's feelings by calling a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

If these fat asses put the same effort into slimming down as they do trying to convince the rest of us their weight is just fine, they'd already be slimmer and would not be trying to convince us otherwise in the first place!!