Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goddess Faceplant

I'm on the road, but the Goddess will keep you entertained in my absence.


Anonymous said...

you need a lot of road if you confuse facepalm with faceplant

Mutnodjmet said...

THANKS FOR THE LINK, CAPTAIN! I noticed the spiked this morning, and wanted to express my appreciation for you allowing me to grace the "Manosphere". I wanted to share a website with you and your fans, that should be essential "Manosphere" reading: The Deadliest Bogger. It is written by a friend (Barry C. Jacobsen), who was an associate producer of SpikeTV's "Deadliest Warrior" (the only show on the channel I ever watched).

I also have a new graphic on my most recent post that will amuse (combining the baseless charges of racism with a quote from the Princess Bride).

I hope your trip is safe and successful, and may the Goddess of Capitalism continue to smile on you!