Monday, July 23, 2012

Who Wants to Hire Sarah Jaffe?

Now, now Mr. Bezos, don't rush to hire her!

She not only has that wonderful sense of entitlement, but also a complete lack of how economics and the real world works!

I'll be brief because I'm finishing up season 3 of The Man from UNCLE.

1.  Amazon doesn't have to pay tuition PERIOD.  Leave it to spoiled brat American leftists to bitch about a company's decision to pay for "some" of their tuition and not "all."  Let alone, I'd like to know how many jobs Ms. Jaffe has created compared to Mr. Bezos.
2.  Amazon is doing its employees a favor DENYING THEM the ability to major in Fluffy El Crapo Liberal Arts studies.  So instead of wasting not only Amazon's money, BUT THEIR YOUTH AND TIME on a worthless degree, they will instead be MUCH MORE LIKELY TO GET OUT OF THE WAREHOUSE WITH BETTER EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS.
3.  You don't have to work there.
4.  Don't you just LOVE her sense of entitlement?  Which leads me to ...
5.  Don't you big corporations know that no good deed goes unpunished and placating your enemies does not turn them into friends?  Just ask BP and Exxon how their how CSR "green" thing is going. 

Alas, perhaps Mr. Bezos could buy  Ms. Jaffe a copy of "Worthless?"  No doubt she went to "J school" because she couldn't handle calculus and was afraid of an academic discipline that required rigor..errr...I mean "she wanted to change the world."


Anonymous said...

This is why I no longer give charity of any kind. At all. Not even to family or friends. Because all you get is blamed for not offering more, or for trying to impose reasonable conditions in the attempt to make it a 'hand up' instead of a 'hand out'.

If you are going to get blamed no matter what you do, then better to keep your money (time, effort, etc.) and use it to better yourself.

Anonymous said...

How dare Amazon decide what programs it gives its money to! The nerve of big corporations!
Jeff Bezos is clearly part of the patriarchal conspiracy, as well as the rape culture.

Badger said...

1. I love the presumptive headline about Amazon "fixing its image." Fixing what image? Amazon delivers great products quickly at a great price. Among me and my associates, Amazon may be the best-considered company in America. If Sarah Jaffe et al are so concerned about how Amazon does its business, they should start a competitor. I'm sure the demand for a "kinder gentler" corporation is strong enough that people will pay more for their services.

2. Who knew that working in a quick-ship warehouse was hard work? I love seeing people who have never done any real blue-collar work in their life wring their hands about how tough life is for laborers. It's like being offended on behalf of other people, usually a bunch of self-serving nonsense.

3. The AlterNet icon that shows up in my web browser looks very similar to the Amazon logo. Oops.

4. This woman seems fundamentally confused - Amazon is paying for vocational and tech training, not four-year degree plans. It says right in the letter that it doesn't apply to Bachelor's or Master's courses.

5. These people are so incredibly stupid to think it's an employer's job to pay for willy-nilly college courses and not take any interest in whether its money is going to pay off. I know it's amazing to these clueless fools, but a lot of good gets done in society because of things businesses do in their own interests.

It's interesting how all of these J School alums are getting a good hard look at capitalism up close as all the newspapers shutter their presses.

sth_txs said...

I guess the fool is unaware of all the strings attached to government money.

Man, their money, their rules. Not real hard.

Anonymous said...

Work during the day and get your tech training at night paid for? I think there are a lot of smart kids that can't afford, or are unwilling to pay $25k for a big school education signing on for that deal.

James Wolfe said...

It's a great deal for anyone with at least half a brain and any sort of ambition, just not for empty headed entitlement princes who want a degree in decorative pillow arranging.

CBMTTek said...

Typical entitled spoiled rich brat.

Nuff said.

Rumbear said...

Hmm.....what would Obama's "Julia" do?

William Hughes said...

Hired another mech-tech this week. I like this Bezo's guys style - the offer is an excellent retention and develoopment strategy. They have to put in the time to qualify. Then, anyone who does move through the track has five or six years of regular employment with Amazon, and a useable skill set that qualifies them for more advanced work. Plus they are a proven hard worker.

I wonder which direction Amazon is planning to jump in six or eight years. Look at the skill set being developed.

We are starting a similar plan where I'll pay for training for a work related skill such as scheduling, estimating, or earned-value analysis, but it is doled out in small non-work interrupting chunks through the year. You need to stay to the end to benefit from the whole thing. Anyone left can plan ahead and has proven they can comprehend a delayed input-benefit plan.