Thursday, January 29, 2015

Alex Looking to Hire Cappy Cappites

Howdy All,

Alex over at Academic Composition is looking for some sales people to load up want ads on Craigs List.  Not the most exciting work, but can be done from home and it can pay some bills.  See the details below:

"Want to earn a little extra money on the side working from home? All you
need to do is put up ads on Craigslist, you'll make 5 bucks for each person
who'll respond to your ad. You'll also make a buck for each day your ad
stays live on the forum. No, this isn't one of those "get rich quick"
scams, but it is a reliable way to earn anywhere from $50 to $200 per week
in less than half hour of work. The college semester is just starting out
and lots of students will be looking for people to write papers for them,
so it's certain that you'll be able to generate plenty of leads every week.
Contact Alex at and he'll get you started. "

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