Wednesday, January 28, 2015

End College Degrees, Institute Certifications

I received a rather helpful list of IT certifications that provide efficient, self-respecting people a great alternative to the scam that is becoming known as "college education."  Certainly, some degrees still have merit, but if you are a logical, self-respecting person who just refuses to be scammed for 2 years of liberal art pre-reqs that have nothing to do with your major, and would prefer to get working instead of indoctrinated, then this list may be of benefit to you.  The reader's e-mail is below, following a link to the certification list (in PDF file format on my Box account):

Dear Aaron,

Please find attached an article which is a comprehensive listing of IT certifications. I would imagine different authorities would re-arrange the list somewhat, but it gives a good overall picture. I attended a private-sector IT training school called 'MyComputerCareer' and those who were dedicated students made it work for them, gaining at least a couple entry-level IT certificates and an entry-level job. I managed to get four of the 'Microsoft Technology Associate' certificates (the four in the infrastructure track), and the MTA exams are strictly for entry-level familiarization. In the opinion of one instructor, they are primarily for the first 12-18 months of IT-related employment, and there is little need to pursue more of them after that point. Also, the program centered around the A+ and the Network+ certs, which are both offered by the CompTIA organization (Computer Tech Industry Association). They are both 'generalist' certificates, and are frequently referred to in tandem. I think you had mentioned this: anyone who asks for specific advice, this is obviously a field where independent study goes a long way. Personally, I cannot see an 'Associates in Applied Science' (A.A.S. degree) being a necessity. Proficiency with the needed skills seems to be more compelling. I cannot clearly see an A.A.S. being compelling resume material, unless it leads the way to a bachelor's degree in a related subject (but then there are higher level certs. where those who start in their early 20s can be earning close to 200K per year by their late thirties, and they do not involve having a bachelor's degree). 'MyComputerCareer' provides its graduates with a 'certificate of completion' which has limited utility. The school has limited name recognition, and thus the certs are that much more important. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for getting the word out!

 List found here.

(the list was somewhat cumbersome to copy and paste the text so I thought it easier to just link to it.  There is also additional information included about each certification that may be of use to you).


Pete | Mastery Men said...

College isn't a waste of time unless you go to a place that surrounds you with rich, networked people. If you can make rich friends or friends who know people (either they did it themselves or their parents do it for them), go. That's worth the investment. Otherwise, get the fuck out and stop wasting your time. Make cash, get rich, laugh at everyone else drowning in debt.

idontwantutoknow said...

Mr. Clarey:

You are doing the Lords work (whether you believe in him or not lol). This is immensely helpful to me. I'm a 25 year old with free time on my hands who didnt finish college, and not looking to get back in anytime soon.

Jaycee said...

Professional systems architect here, 35 years freelance IT experience. Been unemployed for total of 3 weeks and 4 days in that time.

Looking at the list, some of those certifications could lead to a tradesman style IT career by themselves.

However, many of them are more like 'badges' that someone already experienced in the field would use to pick up a specific additional skill : they would be useless to someone without prior training and experience.

leeholsen said...

i second the capts thoughts.

being in IT, it didnt matter that i had a degree other than it was required at the time; but the times are coming when its only going to matter what you can do because the us govt has killed and/or given up the usa's advantage over the world in making stuff and people being replaced by robots and automation is just going to increase.

my advice would be to get some network certs and just keep up to date, kiss ass and be a minimalist. may not sound like fun, but beats a construction job.

and when you've saved enough to outlive your minimalist ways, move to a beautful smalltown, work parttime in some restaurant and enjoy what america was(those are about the only places that'll still look anything like what the usa was imo).

Anonymous said...

My brother has two Associates degrees in IT and Comp Sci. His industry connections told him he needed a Bachelors degree before they would hire him.
Since going to university for IS, I've gotten 3 paid internship-to-job offers before graduation.