Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How Whites Are Playing the Victim Game Too

If there is one thing I hate it is the "victim game" that various groups of people play.

The reason I hate it so much is not because it's theft, but it's such a cowardly, hypocritical, and (above all else) KNOWING act these thieves put on.  For when you take away all the lies, hypocrisies, falsehoods, and flawed premises, the person mugging you is not just stealing from you, but telling you it's your own fault.  Sometimes, so outlandishly they claim you're unaware of it, which is nothing more than the epitome of cowardice and hypocrisy - ie - accusing people of "privilege."

But no matter how much wool they try to pull over people's eyes, I know thieves and parasites when I see them.  And when I'm accused of "privilege" or that somehow a group is "disadvantaged" and the solution (surprisingly) is always "more of my money" I know it's just a ruse that less-intelligent and less-self-respecting people succumb to.

But the "Victimhood Game" has taken a very nasty turn.  One so crafty I almost didn't see it when it was staring me in the face.  And one so disgusting it makes me even angrier than when minorities fake-claim they're oppressed (because they at least have a tangential line of logic to their reasoning):

Spoiled brat suburbanite white people.

At first you may say,

"Cappy, how do spoiled brat suburbanite white people play the victim game?  By the fact they're white, spoiled, and suburbanite, they can't possibly be victims in any capacity or another!"

But,ohhhhhh, my fellow lieutenants and economists, they have indeed, and this is where it is particularly dishonest, disgusting, disingenuous, and pathetic, as well as pure genius.  For while you are correct that a white male who grew up with all the advantages of a upper middle class upbringing and the "correct" color of skin cannot claim to be a victim, he can if there's something wrong with him.

Welcome to the world of fake mental illness.

I wasn't able to connect the dots on this one until two seemingly unrelated events occurred in my little online media empire in close proximity to each other.  But once they did, and once I connected the dots, not only was it painfully obvious what was really happening, but it was enraging as to just what level of sloth, laziness, cowardice, and parasitism these humans had degraded to.

The first one was when my e-mail started lighting up with readers and viewers saying the "Amazing" Atheist had done a response video on my video about fake mental illness.  He (and thousands of his followers) were very much enraged that I dared to say I was sick of all the fake kids claiming they had "ADD," ADHD," "Aspergers," and lord knows whatever the latest flavor of made up psychoses the American Psychiatric Association, the public schools, and Big Pharma were concocting.  But despite these diseases obviously being overdiagnosed and despite legitimate concern about their veracity, the fact I dared to say they were people falsely claiming they had these diseases threw the 660,000 strong Amazing Atheist community into a tizzy.

True to their self-proclaimed form, they went psycho.

Death threats.
Incoherent tirades of cursing and threats.
"Cut your balls off and shove it down your throat."
Even the host (a 6'7" hybrid "bully-nerd") bravely said he'd kick my 5'9" ass if he ever saw me in public.

But for all the saber-rattling and indignation, I failed to realize what was going on.  I thought I had just pissed off a community of basement-dwelling nerds, was somewhat shocked a guy like the Amazing Atheist had the following he did, but in the end said "Meh, oh well, time to go write a book."

It wasn't until the second event did I see clearly what was going on.  This event had a similar origin and pathology.

I once again made a video.
The video was questioning about many men who claimed to be MGTOW's (Men Going Their Own Way) were men who were too cowardly or lazy to try to date girls in the first place and opted instead to claim to be "MGTOW" when in reality they were just afraid of rejection and failure.  In short they really weren't truly independent minded men who consciously chose to "go their own way," but were cowards who either didn't have a choice or never tried in the first place, and abused the MGTOW concept as an excuse.

And, like the fury from the Amazing Atheist cult, the backlash I received was equally vocal and ferocious.

"Kick your ass."
I'm a pussy.
I don't own MGTOW
How dare you "X, Y, and Z"
etc. etc.

However, unlike the Amazing Atheist community (which I largely ignored and just quietly accepted his traffic) because I was closer to the MGTOW community, I went and attempted to defend myself.  And this proved to be the key, the link between the two groups that opened my eyes to what was really happening.

In nearly ALL of the debates, discussions, and arguments I had, NOT ONE person was intellectually honest, listened to or digested what I said, purposely took things out of context, even outright lied about what I said.  It soon dawned on me I was not arguing with mentally sane, mature adults, interested in advancing a discussion or figuring out reality, but rather people who had mental problems and lived in a delusional world.  And the reason for their passion and blind rage over what I had stated was that it assailed the one mental lie they told themselves to keep themselves sane.  It shined a light onto their hypocrisy.  It forced a mirror in their face and told them the truth.

And nothing pisses off delusional people like the truth.

It took a while, but within a week of (futilely) battling it out on discussion boards and receiving concurrent residual hate-mail from the Amazing Atheist crowd, I put it together.  The butt-hurt, enraged poser-MGTOW community was the opposite side of the same coin as the hate-mailing, Amazing Atheist community and the copper-nickel-clad they shared in this coin was...

mental illness.

Think of it this way.

Say you are a white person who grew up in the suburbs.  You've had every advantage handed to you.  But, like all other humans, you have an aversion and distaste for work and labor.  Nothing wrong with that.  Laziness was a great calorie-saving survival strategy for 2 million years of humankind's existence.  But thanks to western civilization, technology, and economics laziness and sloth are an outdated and obsoleted survival strategy.  You need to work no matter what your aversion to it.

However, for some groups of people (specifically anybody not "white" or "male") politicians have fed them an outright lie of victimization to protect their egos and get them work-free money, all in exchange for their votes.  However, the human brain is not dumb.  And either consciously or unconsciously, "privileged" white kids and their SWPL parents started to realize that they/their children were not "victims."  Matter of fact, they'd by logical default become the hosts to parasites.  You combine this subconscious premise with the innate human aversion to work and the ego and pride that comes with modern day Americans, and there's a pressure, if not full-blown race to become a victim.

But left with no physical trait that would visually make them a distinguishable victim, an entire generation of weak-ass Millennials raised by equally pathetic Gen-X parents went SCRAMBLING to find a flaw.  To find a disability.  To a find a weakness that would also grant their children the much-coveted "victim status" and all the excuses from being a responsible, reliable, self-supporting adult (not to mention all of the socialist financial perks).

Enter fake (or at least) overly-diagnosed BS mental illnesses.

Civilian PSTD

And thus what we have today and the "fad" of either claiming you have a disability or your dumbass child does.

Of course, this merely addresses the financial incentives humans have to play the victimhood game and attain some kind, any kind of "victim status."  Claim you're a victim, claim your oppressed, have society lower standards for you and sometimes just give you free money.  But what it doesn't address is the emotional, violent, angry, and hate-filled reaction you get for daring to point this scam out.  If a thief is a thief, at least he admits it, takes the money, and doesn't care.  But if you point it out to the Professional Victims they get more enraged at being accused of being a thief than Hans Gruber.

Enter ego.

Understand people who play the victim game (who are indeed not genuinely "disabled," suffer from a real mental illness, or have anything wrong with them) are parasites.  And parasites, by definition have no core, no purpose, no value, and no agency.  Thus, with nothing of real and genuine value, they instead double down on the only thing that defines them - their fake victimhood status - and wear it like a badge of honor.

You see this in the real world a lot.

People who instead of defining themselves by their trade or profession tell you they're a "pan-sexual, transgendered, dyslexic" (no doubt getting their "masters in Gender Studies.")

The high school kid that within 3 minutes of conversation cannot help but force into the conversation they are dyslexic or suffer from ADD.

The parents who almost say with pride that their child suffers from some mental disease or another (but still reads at a 7th grade level, despite being in the 4th grade).

And it's the only way I can think of somebody unmentionable like the Amazing Atheist garnering 660,000 followers.

But if you dare come out of left field and call BS on them, claiming it's all an elaborate ruse to avoid work and the rigors of the real world, you not only take away, but destroy the ONE and ONLY thing they have in their lives (no matter how much of a lie it is).  You destroyed their core.  you destroyed their religion.

And thus the violent reaction.

Violent reaction or not, however, we need to be very clear what is happening in society and the US. Weaker minded people, who eschew work and the rigors of the real world are cowardly scrambling to find any reason, any excuse to do so.  Vile leftist politicians have already capitalized on dividing the country across racial, sexual, gender, and religious lines, typically pitting all groups against the convenient bogeyman of "the White Male."  But do not think this has anything to do with race, sex, or sexual preference.  It is a HUMAN trait, a default setting to be lazy.  And ALL humans will be tempted to scramble and find a "weakness," a "disability" and play the victim as long as there's money and the avoidance of work in it.

White kids in the suburbs capitalizing on having a "mental disability" is merely the latest poison in this trend.

Enjoy the decline!


leeholsen said...

yep, my brother in law is one of them and everyone hates him except my sister.

the truth is, to be successful in what's coming; you have to choices, be a minimalist or youre going to have to work your ass off(and even then it may not be enough); but playing the victim card isnt going to work as the entire world is your competition unlike 40 years ago when the usa pretty much still made everything.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Well done.

I work with two men who both have severely autistic kids- as in, nonfunctioning, disassociated from human interaction but not outright retarded kids, requiring thousands of hours of intense work and patience and suffering on their parents' part to improve their day-to-day functioning sightly.

All this fake mental health neurotic BS and the ego-coddling victim-status whores that indulge in it spit directly in the face of those good people who honestly live on the ragged edge of sanity while they struggle day to day with horrific limitations placed on their lives. Every bit of hate mail you're getting Cap is a trophy to your essential sense of humanity.

Anonymous said...

In much of the MGTOW community, there is no room for thinking, doubting, or questioning. Any who do these things run the risk of being kicked out of the He Man Woman Haters Club, and he will probably be better off for it.

Anonymous said...

The amazing atheist is a fat ass weak fuck and as soon as I get the sheckels I'm paying asshole consulting to tear him a new asshole. Someone needs to stand up to that obnoxious liberal prick, and I think Aaron's the guy to do it. Cheers.

Meiji Man said...

Wait a Minute...
I can Hire Cappy to destroy people?

grey enlightenment said...

You cannot argue with mentally ill people and you cannot argue with intellectual dishonenst people, which is a large chunk of the population

Anonymous said...

I spent the last 28 years caring for a severely autistic son,when he turned 18 he no longer qualified for childrens services,around the same time funding for programs for disabled adults was cut,that same year our provincial gov. started free sex changes for the gender confused.I fucking hate liberals.

minuteman said...

I agree with what you are saying here but I think white men are victims in this society. Try applying for a job some time. You will only get hired if you are the last man on earth. They will hire any women over you and they will hire any minority over you. If you get a job, try getting a promotion, you are the last on the list every time. It's even legal, you are the only person they can legally discriminate against. I have two young sons, and every time the opportunity arises I push the idea that they should be self employed, because they will be the last to be hired by anyone as long as some woman or minority with a pulse wants a job.

Black Poison Soul said...

Very thought-provoking, Aaron. I think you are correct, there is definitely the smell of bullshit in some parts of the Manosphere.

TroperA said...

Shilling for Victimhood isn't going to go away any time soon. It just earned Anita Sarkeesian a cool half-million dollars. With money like that on the line, SJWs are going to defend this potential income stream tooth and nail.

melmoth said...

Sorry Cap, my ADHD prohibited me from getting very far in your essay. Can you put in a nutshell for me? I'll read it when I get back from the bank (my mailbox) because I have ADHD.

Just kidding. Amazing article. More clarification of reality really helps me and a lot of other guys too, I'm sure. I'm not paying for all of these people's psychological fantasies! I don't remember them ever paying for mine.

Observasaurus Rex said...

Mimicry is a valid survival mechanism. While enjoying the decline, would you rather be the host (working hard, sucked dry by the system), or join the parasites? Tough choice for the new generation.

Not gay said...

FYI, he is mentally ill. He's a faggot.

Glen Filthie said...

When I was a boy growing up I was naughty in class, got disgraceful marks, and caused no end of grief for my parents and teachers. I grew up believing I lacked the ability to focus and concentrate. That is what my idiot teachers at school said, and that is what my idiotic liberal parents believed, and as a kid I believed them. It set me back ten years.

When I got out into the work world it was a culture shock. I quickly learned all the same ropes you did, Cap - only I learned them the hard way, about 15 years before you did. There was no 'manosphere' back then.

One day in my early 20's I scored a gov't job with the Research Council. The place was more like a country club than a workplace - and was filled to the rafters with intellectual poseurs, boffins, tofts and academic poltroons and buffoons. I was one of the few employees that actually worked and I had the time of my life. I learned that I did indeed have the ability to focus, and that contrary to my teachers and parents - I was no dummy...fact is I was a good deal smarter than they were. It was an absolutely stunning epiphany for me at the time. You 'Manospherians' might think it akin to 'taking the red pill' I suppose.

If your son builds models, plays sports, or challenges himself with long term hobbies - you know he can concentrate and focus.

If your son's teacher tells you your boy lacks an attention span or needs drugs to concentrate, she is actually telling you that you probably need to spank/strap/punish your son, that he may need some remedial tutoring - and that she is too effing lazy to do it because she isn't a teacher, she is a pooch screwing union slob.

Today I'm a moderately successful man with a college education but the point is - I was not a parasite trying to get away with anything. I actually thought I had learning issues. In reality I actually had lazy teachers and stupid parents. I grew up not knowing what my abilities were and I was conditioned NOT to even consider challenging them. Millions of boys are growing up the same way and you can see the results of it in our economy.

Get the message out Cap. You have street cred with the young men out there - use it, please. By the time I learned that I wasn't an idiot - it was almost too late. Amidst all the political correctness and female empowerment it is getting harder and harder to get this message out. Challenge yourselves, boys. Nobody else in the public school system will.

Jimmy Mac said...

I listened to a Stefan Molyneux podcast driving into work this morning. He said 'being offended is a tool to shut down someone's position in the absence of a decent counter argument'.

Every time a right leaning politician (like Nigel Farage of UKIP) puts forward an well reasoned position, straight away people get 'offended'. They never counter the position. They can't. So they turn to being offended.

Anonymous said...


Regarding mental health / reading level.

People with asperger does sometimes linked with genius.

search the term "idiot savant" before it become politically corrent. Also google "rain man".

Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Narcissism. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Look, the modern progressive left is rather like Hinduism. Like Hinduism, you are born into a caste. This caste has victim karma. Nothing you do can actually change the caste you were born into. Now, some victim castes have better and more victim karma than others..a black female has better karma than a white female. Your moral worth is determined by your victim karma. If you have bad victim karma all your actions are tarred by your inherent moral unworthiness. If you have good victim karma, all your actions are judged in light of your inherent goodness.

Victim Karma is offset by negative karma called 'privilege'. Your victim caste is decided by the difference between the two. If you were born with more negative victim karma than positive victim karma, your options are limited. You are the Dalits of the social justice world, an officially designated oppressor. A moral leper. Nothing you actually do can change this Karma. A white mail who saves lives for a living has less inherent goodness than a black female who burned her infant to death.

But you are not without can convince others that you actually belong to a different victim caste and are now a virtuous Victim as opposed to a brutal oppressor. So you put some lipstick on and call your self a transgender lesbian. Or you claim to be 'neuro-atypical'. or convert to islam. This allows you to be recategorised from a vile oppressor into a righteous victim.

Then you can go online and display your victim caste to precisely enumerate where you stand in the moral hierarchy. You aren't, say, just a are a white, cisgendered lesbian with aspergers.This shows precisely were you stand in the caste system. Now you can compare your victim caste and use your inherent moral superiority to silence criticism, justify your own shitty behaviour and feel very smug to those who are inherently inferior to you.

so SJW = Hindus.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see how insane TheAmazingAtheist is, look up what the internet discovered about him.

The guy is a nutjob, who's dad was a con artist who apparently robbed a vacationing couple.

He's also famous for a pair of videos he posted online of him sticking a banana up his ass and pouring hot oil on his nuts.

His subscribers are a bunch of degenerates if they want to follow someone like that. How can you expect honesty and uprightedness from someone so depraved?

The guy is a walking stereotype of the dysfunctional neckbearded edgetheist that will do things like this in public:

Doubting Richard said...

I believe that at least in your own country Aspergers is no longer an accepted diagnosis. I think last year it was taken out of the standard diagnostic manual for psychiatry. So in that you are supported by the professionals.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is Cappy got a mild case of PTSD from his stint in corporate banking.

grey enlightenment said...

epic post, cappy

Joe Richards said...

My wife decided my son had ADHD, and over my objections had him tested and ultimately we went the ritalin route. He tended to either focus on something a bit too much, or a bit too little. I'm pretty sure my wife was like this in the days before they "discovered" it as a disease.

In any case, we never allowed him to use this as an excuse and always expected high performance. And guess what? He went on to finish college, cutting down on ritalin and ultimately dropping off during college.

He's out of college, working, and happy as can be now. No problems, no excuses and just an awareness he has some attention problems.

So, Cappy is right. Never be a victim. Take responsibility

Cingoldby said...

It is fascinating how emotionally vicious people get when the diagnosis's of various 'conditions' are questioned in even the mildest manner. They are obviously massively emotionally committed to these 'conditions' in a way that if they were actually real, would make no sense whatsoever.

Basically, it is a cop out card for avoiding responsibility for their failure as parents and as such must be defended hysterically to the last. Anything to avoid taking responsibility.