Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Night Linkage

Remember, there are no consequences for false rape accusations.

DT tells his boss to shove it when the boss changes the rules.  Why can he do this?  Because he is a real man and he has gone Galt.

I don't lose sleep over the slaves I never owned, nor benefited from.  I wish Germans and other innocent westerners who were not part of any oppression had the same self-respect.  Oh well.

Some interesting economic statistics from WWII.


Robert What? said...

I was never a slave owner, but I am a slave to the IRS. Can I get restitution?

Rich Fader said...

If the Israelis really were anything like the Nazis, the white and blue would fly over most of what we know as the Muslim world and the last Arab in Palestine would have gone up the smokestack decades ago.