Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bachelors Degree in "Event Planning"

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.  Event planning.

And I thought, "no, no way.  Nobody majors in this.  It must be a scam."

But after searching "I'm majoring in event planning" there are people who actually spent money (and worse) schools that offer this bogus degree.


chris said...

Who is so fracking foolish to take that major? and who is so evil to offer it?

98abaile said...

You're a realist in your 40s and you still have faith in humanity?

Paul, Dammit! said...

What a phenomenal idea.

Kids pay to go to your school.
Exams are based on practical experience.
School gets free catering and cleanup for social events.

"A fool and his money..." and all that.

Well, probably a 'her,' in this case.

Michael said...

Thing is, if you want to do event planning, then plan some events, hell an extended family bbq or wedding is about as big an event as most event planners plan. You think you're going to be doing a gala premier dinner whatever straight after your graduation? Or a festival? You're out of your minds. There are no jobs in this sort of thing, like most ''creative'' endeavours, people judge you on YOUR body of work. The people taking these degrees want to jump the part where they're foot slogging around touting for work. To bad, just like with everything, you're going to have to suffer a whole lot of no-s before your first yes. Maybe the oncoming neo-feudalism wont be such a bad thing for these people. They don't really want to think, they want to survive and be thought well of by their peers. With their horizons suitably narrowed they'll have so much less to worry about, whilst people like me will be stoned to death or drowned in privies for calling them idiots.

Anonymous said...

Aww surely this can boil down to an Associate degree without losing much utility.. Still, a program in event planning sounds practical, draws from many subjects, and can lead directly to a job. If you've ever organized events involving hundreds of people - it's hard work, like herding cats! Someone who can do this creatively has value - unlike a Ph.D in GenderRacialHumanBiases.

Anonymous said...

Thats it. I'm calling it.


This scam has gone on for too long and people need to stop funding their taxes for college.

Tim said...

This actually looks like a specialized management degree without the "management theory" fluff. I would give the same look to anyone who gets a management degree. But you know, this degree is actually considered the gold standard of hospitality and tourism employment in China--they take it really seriously.

Anonymous said...

I see that Grand Canyon University, which apparently offers "Event Planning", also offers "Golf Management."

Mark Matis said...

Whattya ,mean, "bogus degree?" Event planning is a mandatory skill for Community Organizers.

And union goons.

Matt 1729 said...

Why can't they just go and get a hotel admin degree?

All the schools listed on the site are fly by nights...

Anonymous said...

Of course much depends on context and precise use of words. Military staff colleges spend much time on "event planning", where the events range from battles to wars. Not quite the same thing: :-)

Alex from Australia said...

In the last decade before the fall of communism in the Eastern Block, because of the high unemployment, they started inventing all sorts of degrees such as Barber Assistant specializing in shaving cream mixing and forcing small businesses to hire these people.

Anonymous said...

Associates degree? You could easily say all there is to say in a single class, one three hour lecture. hand out a checklist and you are done.

whorefinder said...

You missed the wall street journal article today: a masters degree in acting.

$190,000. For a masters degree in acting.

Yes, she paid $190,000 for a masters degree in fucking acting. And is now whining about her career prospects.

The only job she can get these days?

Working at NPR!

And then whines that she wants to move to New Orleans but is afraid of the job security there.

I know the WSJ is neocon, but I think the reporter or editor of this story has a little black knight red pill in them.

Fucking masters degree in acting. $190K in debt.

Fuck us all.

Anonymous said...

I used to talk to a girl that majored in this. She was, uh, less than brilliant, and enormously sheltered (dad definitely gave his daughters the suburban princess treatment).

I told another girl I'm talking to, to just do an AS program in something worth it. $11k total probably, may actually get a job using it, too.

Martin said...

Put them to use; have them plan the second American Revolution.

If they fail, mock their phony degrees.
If they succeed, no more funding for phony degrees.

Anonymous said...

My daughter graduated with her B.S. in this from a state college a couple of years ago and is making good money doing just that at a venue.

A friend of mine manages fundraisers for a non-profit and makes six figures.

One of our former subsidiaries had three on staff to manage client events.

I'm not saying that many of the for-profit schools aren't selling worthless programs, but this is a very real occupation.

Anonymous said...

Industry events, conferences, tradeshows and corporate meetings are still essential to the course of doing business. Someone has to run the show. This is really no different than a degree in, say, web development.

As an actual practicing capitalist, I find this post incredibly naive.

Captain Capitalism said...

My god

you people who are standing up for this degree.




Is this how far people's minds have gone to DEFEND SUCH LUNACY?????