Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Three Week Hiatus

Greetings All,

Due to a confluence of events, the Ole Capmeister is going to have to take a three week hiatus to deal with moving, selling a house, building a new one, a ton of backlogged projects, some cross country travel, a doctor's visit, a dental visit, and absolutely no pleasure or fun.  I simply will not have the time to write for Cappy Cap or any of my books.

However, I will still be doing Asshole Consulting, the Clarey Podcast and the Older Brother Podcast, it's just writing takes too damn long.  So still tune into the YouTube Channels and the Soundcloud feed for those.

In the meantime I will be enlisting the help of other bloggers to write and post on my channel in the meantime.  They will be good writers, good bloggers, people you'd want to read, TRUE authors...and Adam Piggott.  I might stop by to drop in an occasional post, but epic thought pieces like this one will not be the weekly norm.

In the meantime if you'd like to get your Captain Capitalism reading fix I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read the "best of" books I have published which are merely compilations of my best Captain Capitalism blog posts.  They are:

Captain Capitalism Top Shelf
Captain Capitalism Reserved, and
Love Letters to the Left

Or, you could just maybe go buy one of my SUPER AWESOME BOOKS that should all be best sellers, but unfortunately are not.

Thank you for your patience and we shall see you come June.