Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Home Schooling will Eliminate School Shootings

Eliminate the schools if you want to eliminate school shootings.

But that would get in the way of your career and require a parent stay home.


Anonymous said...

Funny how schools were perfectly safe before the left infected them.

Robert What? said...

Cappy you are being cruel. Think of how many adult jobs and pensions depend on herding the little tykes into indoctrination centers?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cappy and the above comments, but I'm also seeing toxic masculinity asserting itself no matter how hard the feminazi's try to tamp it down. Perhaps there is some hope still in the younger generation?

Vader999 said...

A whole industry exists with schools-that's impossible. We might as well kill the oil industry with renewable fuels. They will never let that happen.

Also, America's parents are too busy with work to devote time to homeschooling. Maybe if they hired a full-time tutor, that can work, but how many of those are out there, willing to go into strangers' homes and educate some kids?

Kristophr said...

Well, the shooters were both self identified Democrats and Trump haters.

I think this problem can be fixed with common sense Marxist control regulation.

Bill said...

Sheep don't think. That's why they're sheep.

Unknown said...

I'm loving the social commentary of it:
Liberal arts loving twink and mentally ill tranny, both with dyed hair, shoot up a STEM school. If that's not allegory then I don't know what is.

liberranter said...

But that would get in the way of your career and require a parent stay home.

Exactly. If there is one thing American parents have consistently demonstrated across at least the last four generations, it is that their children are their lowest priority.

Bike Bubba said...

Schools weren't perfectly safe--the biggest school killing in U.S. history was the bombing of the Bath, Michigan school in 1927. Regarding school shootings, do you count Nerf guns between my two very homeschooled sons? :^)

But to the point, I think there is a reality that today's public schools do indeed provide a forum for killers where they're pretty confident nobody will shoot or fight back, and they feed the difficulty by structuring things in a way frustrating to sensible people and especially males.

David Wholly said...

"See? You see!? Isn't it FINALLY TIME to pass common sense gun control laws!?"

No. It's FINALLY TIME to start yanking our kids out of public schools. It's obviously been proven that they're unsafe. It's not like it's the first time that we've pulled them out of unsafe and inhumane environments.

We pulled them out of the coal mines, didn't we?

We pulled them out of the factories, didn't we?

We pulled them off of the farm fields, didn't we?

"Don't be ridiculous, David! You can't make that comparison!"

Sure you can. How many children have died in those places? Now how many have died in public schools?

There you go.

OvergrownHobbit said...

It is true that lefties are making kids insane: bullying boys for being boys, drugging kids because recess is problematic, increasing diversity of culture while stoking tribal grievances at the same time, breaking up stable homes.

But my dad's school had a gun club. Now schools have big yellow signs on the front proclaiming "This is a target-rich environment."