Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Reparations for Women vs. Reparations for Slaves

An interesting request from Asshole Consulting.  What is the true nature of reparations, and some predictions Cappy makes about how the "professional left" will continue to bleed producers to bribe the parasites.


john smith said...

Cappy, how about the Trans-Sahara Arab slave trade that made the trans-Atlantic slave trade look like an ice cream party in terms of brutality. Why are there no blacks in the Arab world? Well, the first thing the Arab slave traders did was castrate the males. We aren't talking about surgery here. We are talking about all the junk at one time with a scimitar.

BTW, the Arabs actually did their own capturing of blacks for slavery. The trans-Atlantic slavers bought their slaves from other blacks who had captured them in the interior. Black capitalism at its finest. Much like Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al, exploit poor blacks for their own capitalistic gain. A blind man can see this.

Also, why are all the quaint Medieval towns in southern Europe walled off on hill tops away from the coast? Well, it was a result of Arabs raiding the coast and taking white slaves, particularly the women. The Europeans retreated inland for safety.

And, what was the purpose of the Crusades? To put an end to Arab raiding, white slavery, and expansion into Europe. Does the Battle of Tours ring a bell? How about the Gates of Vienna not once but twice?

Bottom line is this. White Christian European men put an end to slavery almost everywhere in the world (the Arabs and Indians still do it on a small scale). And now the freed blacks and saved women want us to pay them? For what? How about we send them a bill for being their saviors.

maruadventurer said...


You might want to read "White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America". The whole reparations game might be upended if it is found out that Whites might be entitled to be paid off too. Which this indicates, what's the point?

CA3 said...

While one maybe born into a situation of enslavement, no one is born a slave. All slaves are in truth prisoners of war.

There was no such thing as the trans-atlantic slave trade, only trans-atlantic shipping routes of the global Islamic slave trade. The industry facilitated by unprovoked Moslem warfare upon the comparatively vulnerable peoples who neighbored them.