Thursday, May 02, 2019

Honk Honk Seattle

Another reason you don't live in Seattle or King County.

I think what Seattle needs to come back to its former greatness is MORE liberalism.  That'll get the city going!


Anthony Pacheco said...

There is some real hinky shit going on right now. Reports of KCS giving SPD the finger on backup because SPD brass asked for the County's help on some incident and then left them completely high and dry when shit hit the fan.

When you have KOMO release an hour-long report that says "Seattle is Dying" you know it's bad.

It's bad. I don't go into Seattle unless I am armed.

Anonymous said...

Of all the things, this one I actually kind of agree with. The cops can grind your face into the ground for no reason at all, then arbitrarily slap you with "resisting arrest" if you didn't let them do it quite fast enough.

Further, cops should have zero legal protection if they try to arrest you for something that blatantly isn't illegal, up to and including your use of lethal force to defend yourself. It's exactly their job to know the law and enforce only the law and nothing but the law.

David said...

With prosecutors like Dan Satterberg, who needs defense attorneys?

I am quite sure allowing suspects to resist arrest is going to go quite well with the law enforcement community in Seattle/King County.

Forget about living in Seattle. Don't even desire to be a law enforcement official in these loony towns.

Anonymous said...

Retired Peace Officer, 28 years on the job in Colorado. If any of my brothers in blue in Seattle are reading this, it is ten times overpast time for them to leave the people who voted this trash into office and come back to America. They voted for this, let them get it good, hard, repeatedly, and sans lubrication. If there are any Americans left in Seattle/King County; it is time to come home to clear the field of fire in what is unfortunately going to be a battlefield in the future.

Subotai Bahadur

Jodyjody said...

I’m wondering if you’re familiar with honkler the clown considering you said “honk honk”

William said...

Seattle was only great because of Boeing and the Space Needle Café. Everything else about that place is a carbon copy shit hole of Portland and Sacramento.

tdcommenter said...

The solution IS more liberalism.

The epic 4 hour Older Brother podcast mentioned local station KOMO 4's documentary "Seattle is Dying". They posed the question of why they had a crisis of homelessness, lawlessness, and drugs "despite" spending over $1B per year.

If one is wont to take action rather than just spectating the trainwreck, I recommend pointing the homeless to San Fran, Portland, "Freeattle", etc. During the 70s, NYC spent so much on benefits that it became insolvency and needed a bailout from upstate. Other cities took out adverts in the newspapers for the benefits provided by NYC, so that the homeless would see them and go to NYC.

To take it a step further, people can distribute instructions for the homeless to get Lifeline program phones AKA Obamaphones and put information in their hands how to get in touch with these homeless advocates and leech off of their city services and get out of productive regions.

For those not content to just watch, you can give the lefties a helpful shove off of the cliff. Let them see, smell, and step over the squalor that they created by turning away from reality and the truth. The chaos did not come despite of the $1B per year spending, it happened BECAUSE of the spending.

The solution for the rest of us is for them to practice MORE liberalism.

Anonymous said...

"...what is unfortunately going to be a battlefield in the future."

No, Seattlites will not fight. They will roll over because they are cucks through and through. Men with balls have been moving away in droves already, leaving nothing but soy. The future of Seattle is already visible in Detroit. It's not a battlefield full of fighters, it's a barren wasteland full of unopposed crime.

Bacon said...

Great, another poor cop story. Got a local one for mine: the city PD informed the grocery store I frequent because they always have discount meat and booze to not bother calling them for a specific homeless druggie that, after visiting the store despite being tresspassed twice, defecated in the dairy and cheap veer aisle. Forget fur rank and file humans that'll be the cause of the upcoming Apocalypse: this particular breed is literally a bioweapon. And that's just on the edge of King County (don't worry: Pierce is just as bad, there's just more of a panhandling market in King): let's not speak of the literal raping and pillaging in the socialist superhub proper. What those poor policemen have to deal with on a daily basis really does deserve some sympathy.

Bacon said...

The restaurant scene there ain't half bad either. The owners are insane for going into business there, and the prices are getting insane (Look go Daniel's Broiler: their in house Burger is actually competively priced and they only use Prime), but still pretty good.