Wednesday, December 30, 2020

China to "Recycle" White Men

I love how glib they are about destroying intellectual capital.  

It's also a sign that some people, even the "communists" in China, know experience, connections, and work ethic have value.


Un Americano said...

1. Ask for 'it.'
2. Get 'it.'
3. Regret 'it.'
4. GOTO 1

Anonymous said...

You knew this was coming, I predicted the smaller countries in the world, eager to be developing and wanting to become competitive in the global market to go after highly talented men cast away like lepers. Throw out of a company they helped build all because they have a penis and it also happening to be an unpopular color. But it's funnier that it's China of all country opening a door to older White and Asian men, alienated by a stupid culture being guided by stupid people. The fact is nobody cares what gender or color you are in the workplace unless you're as dumb as a doorknob. Nobody useful wants to work under someone who is incompetent and worthless. Even Chinese communists want smart people to fill their ranks.

BlurbMan said...

Proof that china is more capitalist than america? How the mighty have fallen.