Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Paradigm Shift in Dating

This is a pretty cool review of "The Book of Numbers" as it's precisely what I was intending to do with the book.  I cannot emphasize this enough, but this book does need to get into the hands of young men, and I would also say divorced men as it's probably the best divorce therapy out there for them to know just how much the odds were stacked against them.

"I rarely give a book give five stars. But this one is well worth it if you're in the dating market as a millennial. The book lays out the argument that women are an incredibly low ROI in terms of time, money, opportunity costs, and what's even more sinister: lack of quality options for the average man.

Clarey lays out his case with extraordinary quantitative data sets in his online dating and personal research along with qualitative conclusions based on the data alone, setting his ego aside.

Even the most orthodox traditionalists will shake their head at the damning evidence that dating and relationships are TOTAL waste for men they'd get more out of life by pursuing their greatest self by mastering oneself and passions as a way to live a life of meaning and purpose. Incidentally, Clarey illustrates becoming your best self will in effect bring quality people and quite possibly a 1% woman men sought from the beginning.

*Warning* this book will seriously change your perception of women in 2020's dating market. Read with caution."


Anonymous said...

I think that if anyone ever writes an epitaph for this, it'll be like the, "While the men kept trying, the women got pig greedy and shot themselves in the foot."

Bill Whittaker said...

Don't Chase Women

The analysis of the time/money/effort invested in chasing women is shocking. Investing that money in yourself and new skills has a much better ROI. Young Men will benefit the most with this knowledge. The F.I.R.E. Philosophy (Financial Independence Retire Early), Minimalism and the cold hard facts of this book should provide unstoppable motivation to young Men to improve themselves.

Aaron Cleary uses the phrase, “Male Black Widow Paradox”. This is a truly accurate description of what Men face.

This 60 year old Man wishes I could have had this book when I was 18.

Anonymous said...

The book is extremely pessimistic, but then again the world is right now not the best place, and the dating market is brutal. Finding a quality mate is soul-crushing, both for men and women, but men are certainly expected to invest more time and resources.

It is true that investing in yourself and your skills is the best way of living, and even then finding a quality woman is nothing more than just a statistical chance. You just have to happen to be there at the right time. Didn't our grandparents said that " everything comes when you least expect it"

In such case, the author is right that if you do invest in yourself a lot, for years, then the chance of finding a quality mate increases exponentially. I would add that focusing on marriage was only a sell-point for baby boomers who might purchase his book. Millenials and Zentennials are not thinking on marriage. Perhaps a second edition with a section for the ROI on a girlfriend or a short term relationship.

Un Americano said...

"Star Lord'. Just saying.

Red Pill Lessons said...

"Anonymous said...
The book is extremely pessimistic, but then again the world is right now not the best place, and the dating market is brutal. Finding a quality mate is soul-crushing, both for men and women..."

As women aren't concerned or even interested in finding a "quality mate" until after:
-- they are either nearing or over thirty,
-- Chad and Tyrone are finished with her and not returning her calls/texts, and
-- she has nothing to offer a "quality mate" (with the exceptions of her debts, some other man's children, and her unshakeable convictions that she is somehow a 'catch' and needs to be treated like a 'queen'),
I find it very difficult to impossible to sympathize with women for their poor choices.

Bed - Made - Lie.

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