Friday, December 04, 2020

Nothing Good Comes from Virtue Signaling Hires

"expert in ethics."

"Scientists and academics."

"My left foot."


Un Americano said...

"Black expert on ethics"
"Her research on bias"

It is as if they all follow a standardized script.

A Texan said...

F*(&(&( Duh-versity already!!!!

You should have seen faux outrage and virtue signaling on LinkedIn. What a bunch of wankers.

I truly don't care that some mouthy negress was fired at this point though don't really about the flak Google is getting since they are evil anyway and partially worked to create this stupidity.

kurt9 said...

This is the reason I do not expect any of Google's "moon shot" research efforts to pan out. The company is simply too infested with these kind of SJW-types to do any serious work anymore. The did claim a breakthrough in protein folding. But that "breakthrough" is mostly hype. Their self-driving car effort, Waymo, is also mostly hype. Meanwhile, the Chinese have announced a development in quantum computers. Their development is more likely to be real.

Ahuehuete said...

So an evil woke company, which is run by a woke POC, fired an insubordinate woke POC employee and is catching flak from the NPC woke community. What is there to not love about this?

David Wholly said...

When the monster you created turns against you. Should've read "Frankenstein".

Maniac said...

Alas, the wonders of Marxist cannibalism.