Friday, December 18, 2020

Why Nintendo > Playstation and XBox

I remember the pre-internet days where you plugged in a video game.  Turned your console on.  And then you played.  But last night was the last straw for either XBox or Playstation games as my "Call of Duty - Cold War" game updated for 4 hours, got stuck at 100%, which then required I reset my XBox and re-enter a ton of other data.  I know Millennials and Gen Z'ers hate themselves so much they tolerate this bullshit, but I'm done.

Then I saw this and was reaffirmed in my decision. I will henceforth be playing the Switch/Nintendo.  There will be no more "updates" to video games.  They will work right the first time.


LondoMollari said...

I got put in FB jail for sending a link about a Winchester Wildcat .22 to my best friend 2 days ago, so I walked away. 11 years using the platform, but there IS a point where I'll say fuckit.

Jim said...

Try Zelda Breath of Wild. Great game, no POZ crap.

daniel_ream said...

No, that's not going to help

This is a basic problem with the entire AAA game industry. Games have become huge, in scope, hours to complete, technical complexity, art assets, and file size. The cost to produce them keeps climbing, and at the same time revenues are declining. The number of publishers has shrunk dramatically as they go bankrupt and buy each other. Something has to give, and what's giving is QA and testing. The fetish for backwards compatibility isn't helping; game developers are in the old PC game position of having to test for multiple platforms with different hardware and performance profiles.

It's increasingly looking like the PS3/XBox360 era was the highwater mark for video games.

Anonymous said...

What console do you own.

Anonymous said...

Get a decent gaming rig and go all PC on Steam and Uplay.
Own all of your games forever without the need for a hard copy, and they frequently have seasonal sales and free to play options where you can get games for ridiculously cheap prices.

Bill said...

ALOT of the newer stuff these days s are garb. I have a pair of early 2000's trucks, one is past 200k, one is almost to 300k. Both still run and are just what I need.
Same with my video games, started out on my first gen Xbox, then later I just moved up to PC with a steam account.
Simple works best.

Anonymous said...

it's a minor point, but you don't actually "own" any of the games you have on Steam or Uplay, you have an indefinite license to use the software on the platform.
it takes a little more technology skills to use PC and these platforms, but the benefit is more capability.
if Cap's problem happened on Steam, I would just halt the update, perhaps restart steam, then repair the game. should go very easy.. no need to log into anything again.

but rn I have a self induced problem with my graphics driver that's nearly identical to Cap's scenario. I'll need to fiddle with software to hopefully fix it, but I accept that fiddling with computers is a part of PC gaming.

David Steward said...

I remember you saying a few years back, that the Playstation 2 (and I'd add the original Xbox, if you're a fan of it) was the highlight of console gaming. The reason being that it was the last console system made where you just turned it on, inserted the game... and played the game. No bugs (or at least, very rare), no downloads, no patches, no internet connection required.

I completely agree, and I'm thankful that I've saved most of my classic consoles and games (PS2, SNES, Nintento 64, Sega Genesis and Sega CD). The best parts about these systems are:

1. They still work. ALL of them.
2. No "woke" or "social justice" themes. Just good ol' offensive ones.

I can't see myself parting with them, especially nowadays.