Thursday, February 18, 2021

Let Them Be Spinsters

The article is right.  But I don't know what's more annoying.  The whining about what is fated to happen, or the CONSTANT missing the source of the problem which is NOT more women in education, but that said "education" comes with a ton of anti-male, anti-marriage, anti-family spin that convinces women to put their careers ahead of love.


Anonymous said...

What the girls fail to realize is that the boys tried really hard, to the point of leaving the game broken hearted, and we still get vilified.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that article; the whole website looks interesting. That said what we really need is a GOP brave enough to say "unless its STEM, don't bother with college."

Unknown said...

Can someone just admit that a large chunk of women don't actually want a lifelong commitment and bear the children of someone they are not attracted to. nowadays they have several options that they combine to satisfy all their needs:
1. financial provisioning = career - hustle - government - family and friends - beta simps (alimony, gifts etc.)
2. sexual needs = alpha cock carousel
3. children and motherhood = In Vitro, single motherhood (absent father)
4. emotional fulfilment = pets, friends, "beta boyfriend"

excessive individualism is weighing on the collective wellbeing. men should adapt