Monday, February 15, 2021

Somebody Nuke Westport, CT

Good Christ.  It's not that it's so bad you're paying teens to write essays about "diversity" in a competition.  Nor is it so bad that the topic that won is about BLM. 

It's that it's in its eighth fucking year.

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HOSP said...

Ahhhhh, can you smell it, the toilet bowl vortex flush of decline, loaded with crap. The decline is so glorious to watch and smell. Yes, it sucks to be in it, but it is the history of man. I was asked by someone is this "USA system", which is corruption from bottom to top worth saving? No was my answer. I believe the beauty of Western Civilization is worth saving, but not the corruption which is the system here in the USA empire. This Wesport, CT thing is just a microcosm of the decline and fall. BLM?

The USA empire is in the "bread and circuses" phase or the Age of Decadence phase. It's the terminal toilet bowl flush vortex of decline. Vox Day made a prediction back in 2015 (or earlier) that the USA empire will be broken up by 2033. I can see that happening sooner or later than that date. But, it will happen, nothing can stop the decline and fall of the USA empire. Enjoy it, and figure out how to make some silver or gold coinage (since the dollar will be worthless) out of it.