Wednesday, February 17, 2021

No Student Loan Bailout from Uncle Joe

Oh, that's too bad.


David said...

All of these BS stimulus checks have seriously debased the Dollar as is. God only knows what kind of damage forgiving everyone's student loans is going to do.

JB said...

Hiya celery can you please bring back the whistling music to your podcasts?

Maniac said...

If Abidin' sticks by this, then I absolutely commend him for it.

Nobody bailed me out when I spent a decade of my life paying off the tuition loans for a college education that didn't get me shit; I don't feel like bailing anyone else out either.

Anonymous said...

Student loan activists want bailouts of at least $50K, even though the average student loan balance is $20K. These high balances are usually associated with graduate and professional degrees.

In other words, they want people who didn't attend college, or who attended state schools and graduated early (like Cappy and me) with one degree, to subsidize students who got multiple degrees from private schools. It is regressive - socialism for the rich.