Friday, February 19, 2021

Psychologists are Not to Be Trusted

I don't think I'll ever come up with such a scam as psychology or "psychologists."


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Unknown said...

The sad thing is humans have to ask themselves what's worse: letting people freely use drugs knowing that a certain amount of people are going to destroy their lives and the lives of others with them, or try to have laws about what substances people are going to put in their bodies knowing that would-be dictatorial sociopaths will destroy people's lives by abusing their positions in politics to use the law to trample all over people's rights?
Unfortunately, government often makes a convincing case that government is the worst of the evils by far.

Joe Bar said...

To be fair, I have two colleagues who have maintained 30+ year white collar careers while "chipping" the whole time. They have been using heroin their entire adult lives. I understand there is an underground community of "users" who do not consider themselves addicted, but insist that the drug adds to their lives and productivity. I have no opinion on this practice. I think that it is folly for the government to prohibit their pursuit of happiness, just because some have addictive personalities.

CA3 said...

I'd concluded that career academics were compromised psychologies, especially the ones you'd find on an Ivy League college campus like Columbia University. The fact that "International 'students'" are increasingly being discovered to be foreign military or intelligence assets, leaves me validated in that opinion. That any academic the media is interested in parading in front of us should be particularly suspect now more than ever.

Prof. Hart claims he first consumed heroine in 2013 with a friend, which would be around the time his book "High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society" was published. I've read of men having extraordinary difficulty getting books considered for publication prior to print-on-demand services. I wouldn't be surprised that his "friend" was an editor or publishing agent and that he had to snort smack on video, so the publishers masters would have sufficient leverage with which to publicly discredit him.

This isn't the first time he's gotten media attention. I doubt this will be the last, but I'm already feeling valid in my suspicion of him.

Anonymous said...

Great post. It is an industry driven by the profit motive, like all others, and adds to that a sick eugenics-related grandiosity in its practitioners. Added to all this is the fact that almost of its practitioners are ardent Lefties.

The Psych. Industry creates "mental illnesses/issues," like Oppositional-Defiance Disorder and Toxic Masculinity out of thin air. In the past, it has even attempted to associate "racism" with mental illness.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

You only think you don't live in the USSA, the United Socialist States of America.

But you totally do live in the USSA, complete with Professional Quackery being used to discredit and to torture dissidents.

Why does the system need to resort to such last-ditch measures as "targeting individuals" when it can use Professional Quackery in its forced psychiatry form to mess with people?

My belief is that everyone in a free society should have the freedom to be insane if that is their choice, and that anything else is equivalent to the weaponised medicine and weaponised psychiatry of the former USSR and its satellite states.

That's why I keep linking you and others to Nina Hagen's site about forced psychiatry and resisting it that's in German.

Never forget that the Professional Quack never truly represents you, just in the same way that a Professional Legalist (as in a lawyer, attorney, solicitor, barrister, advocate, etc.) never truly represents you.

The Professional Quack represents the system as well as the social mechanisms that produced the Professional Quack in its socially degendered and officially credentialled form.

Inevitably at some point in your interactions with the Professional Quack, a line will be crossed from which there is no return, and that line transitions you from a seeker of advice to a problem that the Professional Quack deals with as an official obligation of the system.

If you are so far gone that you actually need the help of a Professional Quack, I would recommend doing it somewhere far away from your country and locality of residence. I'll also maintain that doing so means that you're not truly far gone, that you still have functioning survival instincts, and perhaps you should see what's triggering the need for help with their aid.

In Florida, your Professional Quack can recommend you for an extended torture on the Quack Rack with the help of the Baker Act, as can any other type of professional systems grifter.

The system in Florida heavily victimises children who are denied the rights that they have under Florida law to be transferred back to the care of their parents, and so the Professional Quacks in Florida act as state-sponsored child kidnappers.

In Nina Hagen's Germany, political activists use this technique to discredit people who speak the truth.

But don't worry, if they're really after you, the system will invent an extra-legal jurisdiction which it can use to punish you via Professional Quackery.

As for your Constitutional rights, I admire the forethought that went into the Constitution, but you have to realise that since the Emergency Banking Act 1933, Americans have been living in a system that has a second set of books.

Ironically the United States inflicted this on itself the same year that the German regime in power had its own Emergency Powers Act.

Guys, want to do yourselves a huge favour?

When a chick tells you she has a Professional Quack as an adviser, run fast as blazes away.

It's not that the chick is crazy, which I hold as being her freedom to be crazy.

It's that the system will weaponise the chick's craziness against you in any encounter where it's to the system's advantage.

It's you who's crazy to think you'll win.

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