Monday, February 01, 2021

Why Women Prefer Digital Men Over Real Ones

 An excerpt from "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women."

"Certainly men are settling for a substitute good through the internet, but this alternative digital reality has huge ramifications for ROI of women as well.  And beyond what was discussed above, men REALLY need to understand just what a game-changer the internet is.  Because while men might get their porn fix online or their attention fix from a webcam girl, women can now get EVERYTHING THEY WANT FROM A MAN without having to meet him.

If a girl wants attention, she doesn't have to dress up, look cute, or go out in public.  She just posts “I'm feeling so ugly today” on Instagram and a flood of “OHHHH NOO, YOU'RE SO BEAAUUUTIFUL!!!!” messages will come from the THOUSANDS of simps following her.

If a girl wants a meal, she doesn't have to go work for it.  She can swipe right on enough guys' profiles and in 3 hours be eating sushi.

If a girl needs money, she doesn't need to wife up and marry some well-to-do guy.  She just has to go down to Best Buy, drop $250 on some webcam equipment, set up a Paypal account, and show her titties on the internet.  Maybe, even going to the extreme lengths of getting her lighting right.

And even though women have 1/9th the sex drive men do, if they're in need of a good fucking, all they have to do is go online, find a good-looking guy, swipe right and unless she's really ugly, what guy is going to deny her?

The end result is that the internet has allowed women to digitally compile a synthetic superman, capable of satiating her every want and desire, and is superior to you or any other individual man in all regards.  If she needs money there are billions of men out there, at least some of which have more money than you.  If she needs a meal, there are billions of men out there, at least some of which can afford better restaurants than you.  If she needs attention there are billions of men out there, at least some of which who are more charming and better conversationalists than you.  And if she just needs a good fucking there is always somebody hotter, taller, and more ripped than you up to the challenge.  There is no one man, but the best of all men in each regard compiled into one digital being.  An indefeatable Voltron of sorts that no individual man can out-compete."


Unknown said...

"he won't need a bed. He's a digital man".

Robert What? said...

I don't see how our society survives another twenty years

Helel Ben Sahar said...

Tbh this superman precludes from her ever having a relationship witha guy she wants. Bc any redpill guy worth his salt will get a sense hes not the only guy in the picture, and so he will never commit to her.

she'll get committment from beta males, but she doesn't want that. thats worthless

Anonymous said...

This is beyond naive. All the free meals, hot sex and easy money are more dangerous than poison in the long term.

You forget women, just like anyone else, age and die. It is far superior to go through live in a loving marriage, than alone with all these distraction. If some women are choosing the artificial reality, we should pity them for their stupidity and their pain.