Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'll Take "Buying Myself 10 More Years of Job Security" for $600, Alex

Seriously. Do you expect the American public, let alone the rest of the world to fall for such BS?

"Oh, ummmm...lemme see. The planet has been cooling since 1998...that's not a good trend. And this schtick about how when it gets colder in certain areas means it's MORE proof of global warming is starting to wear thin even on the most brainwashed dolts in the western world. So now we have to shift gears and call it "climate change." And umm...since the temperatures have been going down we're going to have to come up with a new excuse to rationalize the government grant checks we get. So, uhhhh....yeah, there's this uhhh...."trend" that will temporarily "halt" global warming for ummmm...(lemme see, how many years of additional grant money do I need to buy myself that gas guzzling SUV) uh, 10, yeah, 10 years, that's the ticket! Yeah! 10 years of global cooling, but then it's going to heat right back up. (Whewwww! Almost had to work or produce something of worth there for a second!) Yeah, 10 years of global cooling, then, THEN we're back on track for global warming...which doesn't matter because as long as the climate changes, cooling, heating, drying, moisturizing, no matter what, that means it's global warming and Bush = Hitler=US=Bad=Tax People More=I Don't Have to Hold a Real Job Down."

Again, I call for a database to record all the scientists that fight tooth and nail that global warming is occurring so we can publish their names when it's snowing in April in Minnesota...OH WAIT, THAT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!

Has anybody bothered to point the hypocrisy of these global warming zealots that their beliefs are on par with those they mock most; ie-Christians. Seriously, they're not acting any different than the "religious right" they're so prone to mock;

You either believe in global warming or you're damned.

You either believe in Jesus or you're damned.

I think the majority of the country, frankly dear, just doesn't give a damn.


jroosh said...

Brilliant! Capital post!

Anonymous said...

Genius. Your blog is extremely useful, and should get more hits. I'm linking to it from my new blog. It may not have a lot of hits right away, but hopefully I'll get you some readers.

Joey Martynowski

CMY said...

On point as always.. I argue the same thing on a few forums and the GW zealots refuse to see the other side of the coin.

It is wearing thin, but the bleeding-heart-I-own-a-vagina-and-care-about-children set will keep perpetuating it. I can't fault them for wanting to do the right thing, they just fail to realize the mechanisms to do so are nearly impossible.

Capitalist Pig said...

Regarding the religious aspect of GW, Michael Crichton pointed out that technically, hardcore environmentalism overall is a religion thati s really modeled after Christianity. You have the beginning, in which humans lived in "harmony with nature," similar to when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, then the moment of sin, when humans started manipulating nature to their own benefit, just like Eve eating the apple, and then the coming doomsday scenario in the future, when we will all pay for our sins against the Earth, similar to Revelations.

To these enviros, the Earth itself is their god.

Basically, when you suppress religion in one aspect, it merely pops up in another form. And the liberal Left, who hate conventional religion, find their own religion in worship of the Earth.

Ryan said...

You're so much more open about your hatred of hippies and their contradictory viewpoints. Thinking that people on the left would choose to apply things like logical consistency across all political issues would be too optimistic. Every discussion I've ever had with most hippies always reaches a moment where I question the legitimacy of some concept (global warming, income inequality, taxes on rich people, poor people in foreign lands, etc) and they become dismayed and offended that I would even question the idea. It's like global warming and the others are some sort of fundamental truths that must be taken as given, and the only legitimate debate is on how to combat them. Everyone who doesn't accept them as given is essentially an idiot to them, whose opinion is not just to be ignored, but also silenced. Nice post!

Mahan said...

In a way, this reminds me of an encounter I had with a fellow history type while attending the ol' alma mater Back When; we were on the East Bank, and lo and behold, there were three members of the Nation of Islam on campus, speechifying in their "normal" manner, and they came to a bit about how the white devil was responsible for the evils of slavery inflicted upon the African man throughout history.

At this point, my companion raised his hand in a diffident manner, and asked if that were, in fact, the case, then how did the learned gentlemen account for all the Africans sold into slavery by a) Muslims or b) fellow Africans, especially before contact with the Europeans?

Needless to say, this was not well received.

Anonymous said...

Damn it, I wished the USS Enterprise existed and would come take me to a planet inhabited ONLY by those possessing common sense and logical thought. Dealing with the morons you reference Captain is just plain daunting and tiresome. Wish the hell there was a virus that would wipe out those of this ilk!! They won't ever be happy until the opposition goes away so that they can live in blissful ignorance of the facts...