Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interesting Chart on Club for Growth

With the new figures showing a positive GDP growth figure, the likelihood for recession has dropped on the markets (you have to click on the USRECESSION link in the quote and it will pull up the chart);

I'm still of the opinion we're heading for a recession. Or at least a lengthy period of no growth.

ht to Club for Growth


Arcane said...


Maybe you can help me on this... has anybody taken the total profits of all of the oil companies in 2007, totaled them all up, and then divided them out by how many total gallons of gasoline were purchased in 2007? It would be interesting to point out to people just how few cents per gallon the profits total.

Captain Capitalism said...

Well young 1st Lieutenant, it wouldn't make sense to do that for the "oil" companies unless they too were the retailers.

The simplest truth about oil is, no matter how "egregious" the profits are of these oil companies, it boils down to the fact that the stuff they pump out of the ground sells for 3 times what it used to.

You might as well hate wheat growers, copper miners and platinum miners as much, if not more, than oil firms.

The truth is, western oil companies do not control the market price of oil. That's OPEC and the global forces of economics. They just happen to be lucky when intenrational economic forces pull off the perfect storm and drive what they're pumping out of the sands to three times what they used to get.

And let us not forget, the leftists in this country who major in worthless degrees and contribute no value to the dollar have made the dollar so worthless it now takes 30% more in dollars to buy the same gallon of gas as it does in Euros (sniff, sniff, we're being beaten by Europe)

How is the military career, BTW? You still in AZ?

Arcane said...

Yep, still in AZ... life is good. No complaints, except Obama. I never believed the day would come where I'd root for Hillary, but it has.

Of course it's not the oil company's fault that prices are what they are, but it would be really nice to be able to say, "Well, even if we took away this percentage of their profit, it would only cut 2 cents off the price of gas. The problem is not the oil companies, can't you see!?"

China, India, OPEC, inflation... way too complicated a subject, and when it is explained it's explained by politicians seeking re-election, ie, it doesn't behoove them to tell the truth.