Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ripping on Poindexter

Heh heh. I don't think society will ever get rid of the trait of assailing, if not, killing anybody who steps outside of the box and tries to create something to help society.


Also, a pretty good read from The Spearhead. I would only ad that society, through progressive regulations and attacks on success and profits, has effectively killed most young men's incentives to go out, work hard and create. Much more rewarding to move back in with their parents and play video games, because, "why should I go and try to cure cancer, let alone be a responsible father and husband?" This apathy I have not only witnessed in myself, but other men as well. It could be anecdotal, but I doubt it. Young men are becoming more apathetic to society's goals because the support structure there to cheer men on to go out and kick ass and take names that was around in the 1940's has been turned into a political and educational machine against them.

Though I salivate at the prospects of watching today's current political ideologists of feminism, socialism, diversity, and equal-outcome-at-all-costs advance society to something better than those "old patriarchical fogies" managed with Western Civilization.


Anonymous said...

Both were good reads.

Regarding the destroy men movement you find in feminism, ultimately, women will be dependent upon men and surely as socialism needs taxpayers to take money from to redistribute.

While socialist governments can send the troops to forcibly steal from the taxpayers, we can tell the women to go to hell. When the feminazis grab a majority of the power and high prestige positions, they will still be reliant on the backs on male slaves. Men, stuck doing menial work, can go on strike and tell those bitches to shovel their own snow and collect their own damn garbage and fight their own damn wars And your BMW broken down on I-35, well forget it, we aren't towing it in and we are going to fix it.

So maybe men need to form unions or organizations to oppose the women's superiority movement.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, we still create.
We create mayhem. keep pr0j3ct m4yh3m alive!

We create chaos, fear and loathing. Because that's what intelligent men do if you force us to work against society at large.

Podsnap said...

Though he’s won numerous awards (and won his wife back) he doesn’t sell his product commercially. "It’s a service," he says. His company, Jayaashree Industries, helps rural women buy one of the $2,500 machines through NGOs, government loans, and rural self-help groups.

Did you even read the article ? Guess what kind of NGOs would finance this uncommercial business bringing sanitary pads to 'oppressed' Indian women who can't afford them (ignoring the fact that they have coped without pads for the last 100,000 years).

Sounds like a racket to me.

The Shrug said...

Go Gault!

Anonymous said...

I used to be completely apathetic but now i am think ok ng more and more about working hard, buildinga family and dropping out of society h much as possible. Call it self preservation mingled with hope.

Anonymous said...

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