Saturday, December 17, 2011

Worthless Available on Kindle

Greetings Cappy Cappites from across the fruited plain!

Good news! "Worthless" is now available on Kindle! For $5, you can have the super-awesome economic genius and knowledge of the book. That's less than a hefty pour of Rumpie at your favorite bar. No need to sit at the airport, bored, unamused during your holiday travels! Cuddle up with the Captain and read the anti-communist goodness within! Actually, if you're a guy, perhaps just a handshake and you can read the anti-communist goodness within. But if you're one of the ladies, yes, then pour yourself a nice shot of Rumpie, fire up the fire and cuddle with the Captain vicariously via the Kindle.

However, I do want to note something. The formatting required to get this thing loaded up into Kindle is HORRENDOUS! I managed to get the text to work well, but the charts do kind of throw off the layout and format a bit. I do apologize in advance.

Regardless, go forth and buy now! Worthless makes a great gift for the holidays!


Suz said...

No Rumpie, but Lance Criminal left half a bottle of Jack behind at the end of his leave. I haven't touched that s*** for 30 years (plus 3 weeks, to be precise) and for good reason. Do I really need it? Might a nice bottle of white wine suffice?

Buying the book. Gosh, I hope it's good!

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Suz,

Well, hopefully the book will be like your looks - intoxicating. Thus making the booze unnecessary.


It should be a good book! Short though, should be able to finish it in a day I'd say.

Suz said...

Oh my! (flutter-flutter) That "game" stuff really works, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I have just downloaded "Worthless" and read it, and it is very good. Brutal, of course, but if it saves a few from a lifetime of debt and frustration, it will be worth it.

My review is or shortly will be, up on

Even if you don't have to make a decision about attending university, buy the book. Big Education is big and powerful - Aaron says it is bigger than Big Oil (and infinitely more corrupt), and this book tells you much of what is wrong with it.

The book does have a degree of sympathy, subtlety, and nuance which is sometimes simplified out of Aaron's columns. That just makes it all the more believable.

Captain Capitalism said...

Wow, thanks! That Big Oil/Big Education I just know is going to play into the hands of leftists. The problem is the oil industry INTERNATIONALLY is larger than what we spend DOMESTICALLY on the US. And so if somebody does any digging, they'll claim it's not legit and use it to debunk the entire book.

chris said...

Done...Kindle on Android rocks. But will read... sober, as on call today

jaericho said...

Thanks Cap!

Anonymous said...

Is this Kindle still being sold below cost?

Anonymous said...


Thomas Friedman and the Higher Education Bubble

Suz said...

Excellent! My review ( I think it went through...)
"I recommend a lot of books to a lot of folks, but I would recommend “Worthless” to EVERYBODY. Except maybe politicians and Ivory Tower types; they don't yet need to know we're onto them. We live in a scary, uncertain world, but not a hopeless one. Hope for the future, in the form of a handful of simple rational truths, can be found in this short book. Clarey cuts through the bull and lays out the facts, in an engaging, irreverent style. The simple economic principle of supply and demand is, like the laws of physics, not negotiable, and Clarey applies it logically to several traditional assumptions about college education. There is a bright future in store for any young person who understands the straightforward reality presented in this book. DO NOT make the mistake of dismissing “Worthless,” based on it's brevity. Clarey has offered up a much needed perspective; he just left out the boring parts. Read it. Twice. Then give it to five people you love, who are under the age of twenty-five. Aaron Clarey speaks their language."

Anonymous said...

Re Kindle formatting: after using Kindle a bit one gets used to the formatting. It is worst for mathematical equations.

Anonymous said...

Need evidence of our government being corrupt and not catering to the best interests of the American people?
ACTA, Patriot Act.
The inevitable endgame of capitalism is the fact that it is financially beneficial for corporations to buy out the government, instituting a monopoly. When over the scope of years this corporation grows and encompasses more of the government, it can create a near complete legal monopoly.
This is what is happening with the music industry, and I can imagine elsewhere too.
You see, the very thing that makes a free market great, the ability to price a product and the relative resistance to corruption it offers trough being based on human greed, is it's downfall in the presence of a corruptible government.

Any solutions cap'n?