Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Worthless Degrees Helping the Sex Trade

Well that degree may not be handy, but I'm sure some of the prettier sociology majors can find some employment.

Fathers, do your daughters a favor. Man up and buy her Worthless.


Anonymous said...

They don't need to be pretty, based solely on a wrong turn I made off a highway exit, made a few years ago. Yikes.

Of course they could save themselves the expense of college and go straight into that line of work.

(I love how the article goes on about the "unregulated aspect" of the "the work" as if that's the objectionable aspect of it.)

Anonymous said...

How about these kids just refuse to go to higher ed until the cost is reasonable? How long before this thieving industry complies when enrollment tanks as a result? I'd love to see these socialist prick's undies in a bunch over the revolt!!

Anonymous said...

I even wonder about that. My German friend W. spent some time here in St. John's, and of a Friday would go tail-chasing. He liked female students, and the ones he picked were good for what he wanted; but he noted that despite being in year X of an Arts degree they would know nothing about anything except sex and drugs. He was particularly appalled by History majors, who (unlike any German streetwalker, courtesy of a good school system) never had a clue about the 30 Years' War.