Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturday Night Linkage

Daddy cuts the purse strings to Ms. Independent 37 year old and makes her raise her own children.  Ahhhhh...warm fuzzies.

Girls confuse "mean" with "truth." If telling girls the truth is mean, then lying must be "nice."  Oh...wait...that's what we've been doing to women for the past 50 years. Oh well, enjoy being condemned to 2nd place forever ladies.

Clarissa explains the Ukrainian situation.  She does not like the Russians much.


feministx said...

You really cannot acknowledge that many male commenters are just plain mean? Not just saying an unpopular truth, but actually really mean?

I'd be happy to give you many examples to show that you are lying to yourself.

Stephanie said...

I heavily disagree with your mean being interrupted as truth. Reddit has even grown nasty with women too freely.

Cappy, a lot of Red Pill bloggers may not realize that some of the things y'all write are read by teenagers. Without much wisdom, ROK and other Red Pill bloggers, are giving young men without any experience the wrong impression. I don't disagree with a lot of the observations about women from men in their 20s - 50s, I have observed a lot of the same attitudes of women since feminism. However, teenager reading them go way overboard on the trolling and harassment.

Torgo said...

Is Clarissa's piece supposed to be satire? Seems over-the-top to me.

And Putin seems like a man I'd like to have on my side, as he appears to have healthy psychological boundaries and an utter absence of "white guilt", unlike the leftists here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Amazing....when a gold digger is a male....then the world has a tizzie if he tries to get his "share".

Captain Capitalism said...

Stephanie and Feministx,

Both points duly noted and sustained. You are correct.

But I would say that about 80% of what is interpreted as "mean" is really just men who gave up with pleasantries and are "rude, but truthful."

You get some foul mouthed teenager (heck, even the genuine misogynists that DO exist on the Manosphere), yes, those guys are genuinely mean.

The rest are men who've said, "fuck it" and no longer care to be politically correct or polite.

Heroditus Huxley said...

Honestly, the judge tossing out the prenup and two other contracts in the gold digger case scare the hell out of me. I don't care who is or isn't a gold digger, or what gender they are; however, when contract law is tossed aside in favor of whatever fuzzy, feel-good rationalization is in play, that's not good for anyone.

Stephanie said...

Cappy, I will just disagree with you. It isn't just men no longer being PC or polite. I can take arguing with a man. This goes way beyond regular internet trash talking.

4Chan seems more tamed than what is going on some of the manosphere blogs.

Reprobus said...

Clarissa's is the single most clueless piece on the Ukraine I've read yet. Westerners sponsored the so-called colour revolution a little while back. Now we have more of the same plus an open and armed rebellion. The President fled to Russia and invited them in to end a de facto civil war deliberately provoked by the west. I expect he will do so.

Feministx -- Congratulations. You've discovered that water is wet. Find an umbrella. Most of the vitriol that I see is not specifically aimed at women and much of it comes from women. It is merely a reflection of the supreme vulgarity of Socialist culture. Whinging about it or trying to tun it into a feminist "issue" is only going to get you more abuse. I'd love to see a comparison between your hate mail and Matt Forney's.

RobertW said...

Yes, the most aggressively mean commentors are guys. But aren't guys more aggressive in general ? Society has lost any boundaries of decency. Men and woman are way less "civilized" than they used to be. But in terms of being gratuitously mean or spiteful, try posting anything on Clarissa blog that questions the prevailing orthodoxy. It won't be laden with expletives, but it will be aggressively immature.

Craig Miller said...

"Victoria Luckwell said there was now a strong disincentive for wealthy women to marry after being ordered to pay more than £1million to estranged husband Frankie Limata."

No kidding huh? I guess with all these feminists things aren't a problem until they hit their doorsteps. This has been going on for thousands of years with the man being a victim, and there was always a reason the women felt entitled to their fair share. Welcome to equality, bitches.LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Of course Ukrainians don't like Russians. Ukraine is the armpit of Europe. The only thing that comes out are starving prostitutes. This whole mess is commies (russians) vs nazis (ukrainians). Don't believe me? Look up the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. They glorify the memory of nazi germany.

Kristophr said...

The UK divorce story isn't that simple.

The woman was on a 100,000 pound per month allowance from her father, and living in a home he bought her.

The man she married had signed a pre-nup, but after the divorce, decided to play the Vaginamony game.

Her father stated that she would get cut off if her ex got a penny, and he did so. The Judge awarded him half her house, and gave him alimony, but she now no longer has an income.

I suspect that she will be allowed to live on some other property her father owns, and her credit cards and other expenses will all be paid for by some trust her father sets up.

I have a friend here in Cheyenne who is having similar issues with an ex, and said ex was unable to steal the home, since it was being held by his family's trust, and not by him personally.

Goober said...

Disincentive to marry? Join the effin club, lady. Welcome aboard. We men have been saying this for years, but you didn't listen until it bit you, huh?

Just Some Guy said...

Part of being an adult is being able to shrug off "mean" comments. That is especially true if "mean"="true".
As for the gold digging man in the story, I hope he keeps a close watch on Daddy's princess because if daddy keeps picking up her bills he is entitled to half.