Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday Night Linkage

Final piece of political correctness and Roosh.

When OWS became the Banksters.  More on this later. (post script, she banned comments on that video, so maybe you can post comments on her other video that is equally retarded.)

Resident DJ and musician Jacob Gago has a new album out for any tech/industrial/house music fans out there in the Cappysphere.

And a comparison of the two presidents.   Lord help us.


Aurini said...

Comments disabled on her video.

Absolutely *no* responsibility taking from her. Yes, she got scammed - but her only solution is to demand that somebody else bail her out. It isn't to look at who scammed her, or demand punishment of the scam artists - it's just a demand for more socialism for precious.

Torgo said...

"And a comparison of the two presidents. Lord help us."

With all due respect, who is "us"? Speaking for myself, I've always advocated for an official Northern Alliance between the US and Putin's Russia, ever since Putin rose in 1999 in the wake of the Chechen jihadist invasion of Russian Dagestan.

My instinct was confirmed when Putin was the 1st head of state to express condolences to the US after 9/11, and also when Russia shared intelligence about the Tsarnaev brothers and their danger to Americans.

Obama would do well to just do whatever Putin tells him to do, as Putin is clearly the better man. We need an unapologetic man like that on our side. The days of drunken degenerate Yeltsin are over, and the days of sober, hard-boiled, and focused Putin have begun.

Phil Galt said...

I noticed the comments are disabled on the video too. Anyone care to speculate why?

I got scammed once during my college years: It hurt enough that I learned my lesson, and was far more careful from then on.

Maybe we need a way to scam kids while they are still in school, so they learn their lesson where it hurts them but doesn't hurt them for life?

RobertW said...

"Comparing the two presidents"

I just realized - Obama IS Pajama Boy.

Doubting Richard said...


Elizabeth wanted to attend college. She didn't want to do anything specific with that, she had just "heard of all these really great opportunities" she would be afforded after college. She wants other people (you Americans out there) to pay for her to have gone to a women's college I have never heard of (which has been a university since 2007) to do a degree she had no idea how to employ. She makes no mention of the major, so I can only assume it was underwater basket weaving or equivalent.

Now I know this sounds harsh, but maybe it is a good sign that companies are not rushing to employ people whose reasoning is that poor. Maybe the jobs are going to people with similar intelligence but better judgement who did not go to a second-rate university.

Yes she was taken in by the hype, and mislead by her career counselors. I also went to university because that is what people did and what I was advised to do, but I went to a world-class university to study hard sciences, which lead to a job. a potential career before I side-tracked into something more fun. My decision was rational, it opened doors and made my life. Hers closed doors ad ruined her life.

These were entirely foreseeable consequences of each of our decisions, even with the limited knowledge of a high-school graduate, and who in their right minds listens to careers counselors? What interest do they have in your life?

Anonymous said...

Is Obama's bicycle helmet government approved? If not, what a badass.

Anonymous said...


It's worse than that - not only is there no personal responsibility, there is a profound absence of the ability to learn from mistakes. Note also that she "dreamed of being a college graduate." She didn't dream of being a doctor, or an astronaut, or a whatever. Just a college graduate. What ambition! Which also implies that she majored in feminist ethnomusicology and still wonders why nobody will give her a job.

Anonymous said...

She shaved her hair, cuz only a pathetic loser would go for an MRS degree instead of getting saddled with 40k in debt.

leeholsen said...

obama is befuddled, meanwhile dumb old bush was actually the #1 player pushing to get ukraine into the eu and nato and also was setting up a bigger missle defense in eastern europe and obama scrapped both of those ideas.

now, bush did all sorts of things wrong; but if obama had just maintaned what bush was doing here; i imiagine sevastopol women wouldnt be worried about what russian soldiers are going to do with them if ukraine gives russia any resistance.

the world over is likely to be in a world of hurt for a decade because of obama.

heresolong said...

Ah yes. Vladimir Putin. That reminds me. I need to work out more.