Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dating Problems of Men in the Bakken

I received this Asshole Consulting request earlier this week and after I thought about it, the video warranted to be a post unto itself.  The reason is not just because of the interesting dating dynamics that result from an environment where men out-populate women 10-1, but the 21 YEAR OLD kid who made the request is every woman's dream come true circa 1950 (makes six figures, owns his own house, got promoted, etc).

However, the tragedy is that it's not 1950.  And what would have been a SUPREME catch back in the day, is eschewed by young women today as they are too busy chasing after their liberal arts majors and the commensurate poor careers that come along with it.  Thus, the next time you hear a woman say, "Where have all the good men gone?" I want you to point them here:


Tyler said...


This guy sounds exactly like me when I was up in Fort Mac as a 23 year old (Bakken of the North). The Male to Female ratio was very bad as well and a Majority of the Women there had over inflated opinions of themselves because they were in such High Demand and that made them even less ideal for wife material. Being 23 I was by far low man on the totem pole and I'd have to drive to Edmonton (4.5 Hours) on weekends just to have a chance to meet/date/pickup someone that wasn't a bushpig.

Your advice to him is spot on and there is still hope I met my wife up there at 26 (Not a Bushpig).

Another thing to consider is, and maybe it's different in the Bakken, but if and when you want to settle down and raise a family I'm going to assume the Bakken is not the ideal place to raise kids in regards to available amenities (i.e. people had to line up at 6 am to sign up their kids for swimming lessons) so your going to end up moving and probably need to work at a place that pays significantly less. (not that the trade off isn't worth it)

Looking back now if I could have held off meeting my wife for 2 years it'd be even that much further ahead than I am now. I left about 2 years too early to get enough "F*ck you money".
But I'm still way way further ahead of the guys I knew that only stayed a year or two working in the Mac vs. the 6 I lasted.

So buddy that this video is for, if Aaron didn't convince you enough here's another person saying stick with it, Get your F*ck you money, get some additional cash flow properties up there to rent out and allow yourself to move somewhere warmer friendlier and with a better M to W ratio.

Anonymous said...

If I had a high paying job in the Bakken, the last thing on my mind would be women. I would be too obsessed with making money to worry about dating women.

In fact, I would learn computer programming between my work shifts.

These guys have it all and they still complain.

It always infuriates me when a high wage earner complains about women and dating.

If I earned the kind of money they earn, I would be very grateful and I would not complain about the lack of dates.

Anonymous said...

Just like the many TV soap opera scenarios or many movie scenarios where the main actor is a white heterosexual male with a very high wage job and he is obsessed with gaining back the woman that left him for another man and that gets him into all sorts of troubles and finally he either loses it all and the woman gets both the money and the new lover or they get back together and live happily ever after.

I would say fuck it, if I had their financial situation I would just be happy to have all that money. In fact, I would pay the woman to leave so I can enjoy all the rest of my money all by myself.

Women need not apply.

But maybe I think this way because I am situated lower in the Maslow pyramid. I am situated in the survival level. So maybe that's why I reason that way.

I am located at the level where food is more important than sex.

Anonymous said...

"Being 23 I was by far low man on the totem pole and I'd have to drive to Edmonton (4.5 Hours) on weekends just to have a chance to meet/date/pickup someone that wasn't a bushpig."

I would have driven to Edmonton to take computer programming classes to prepare my post Bakken professional life.

SM777 said...

"Where have all the good men gone?"
Well, with the shorter male lifespan I would say either the graveyard or back in your 20's where you left them.

Usagi Yojimbo said...

This kid has to remember that HE IS THE PRIZE.

Save save save and if you can, do some real investing that gets some hard returns. Build your wealth in hard, good assets. Protect these assets with as much legal red tape as you can to keep it away from women. They WILL find a way to suck it away from you.

The question shouldn't be "why can't I get a girl?" It should be "what does the girl bring to the table aside from her pussy and looks that both degrade over time that is worth my efforts?" You will find a lot of women in this part of the world are just. Not. Worth it.

YOU have what they want: Money and good income to leach off of. You need to be picky about what you want. You do NOT want to get the wrong one.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Our anonymous commenter sounds pretty surly.

Anonymous, if you can count to 11 without taking your drawers down, and you're not an absolute pantywaist, you can get a job on a workboat and be well over 6 figures inside of a couple of years.

We all know we should be thankful for good opportunities like jobs in the Bakken, but you're denying the workers' agency by trying to shush them down for wanting what most folks take for granted.
Guys who are stagnating or are unsatisfied at work, but scared of change or not motivated enough to make dramatic changes seem to be the ones who have envy issues.
I take VERY strong exception to the idea that a well-paying job is 'having it all.' If by "Having it all" you mean getting paid to live with constant muscle aches and subacute injuries, increased chance of injury or death and a 100-hour workweek, then yeah, that's Having It All.
Best thing I can note is that men move our goalposts. Achieving a particular goal isn't the end of the road. You don't stop having ambition when you get your first promotion or stop reading books when you finish your first one. We move our goalposts or we stagnate. The fact that the kid's chief complaint isn't the same as yours is no reason to decry it.

Anonymous said...

Your advice is spot on. He needs to concentrate on his growing wealth, he can easily be set for life in 3-5 years if he plays his cards right, and he probably will.

In the long run, hookers are much cheaper, and like Charlie Sheen correctly noted, you don't pay them to have sex with you, you pay them to leave after having sex with you. That's actually very, very true.

Tyler said...


"I would have driven to Edmonton to take computer programming classes to prepare my post Bakken professional life."

I didn't need to prepare for Post Mac (Bakken) professional life outside of doing my actual job, Field work is an entry level position to gain practical experience in Engineering. So studying computer programming would be the last thing I would want to do on my time off after working 18 Straight - 12 hour days. The pay cut I took by leaving is due to the fact that I'm working significantly less hours and not getting OT pay.

And I wasn't complaining about going to Edmonton to pick up I was just stating facts.

Going to Edmonton wasn't just about women it was also a place that you had to go for other Amenities that weren't available in the isolated Fort Mac.

Also about the hooker comment.

You are right, Hookers are cheaper in the long run but they are very much like Porn, physically they get the job done but emotionally you know deep down they only slept with you for your money not because you "gamed them" or actually attracted them and eventually they won't satisfy your needs as a Man.

I was just commenting to provide a real life example of exactly what Aaron was saying he should do. Your just providing hypothetical based on I am going to assume Zero experience working in a place similar to Fort Mac or the Bakkens

QQminusS said...

Tell him to list his income level. He'll get laid, no problem.