Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The NPV of a College Degree

Oh no!  Maths!!!!!


leeholsen said...

getting a college degree is like buying a new car, it loses its value as soon as your get a diploma and saddles you with years of debt. anyone not in a stem degree should just quit now and become a welder or ac mechanic as the next recession is going to clear out so many hr and mgt jobs, you'll have lines of mba's trying to get a job a walmart.

Roman Rock said...

The Texas Legislature and education officials should consider several ways to improve overall graduation results, such as allowing dual-credit programs earlier in high school and improving online classes for older adults whose work schedules otherwise might force them to take fewer classes or even abandon their higher education ambitions
Masters Degree Programs

sth_txs said...

Funny that the study did not mention the life force sucking tax burden that keeps you paying anything off faster.

For 'averages', those numbers are not bad. But the inflation assumptions and home buying are wrong. Who thinks inflation is 2.5%?

Since the government likes to help the banksters with the home buying scam, maybe they will figure out a way to fix this in the future.