Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kansas Snow Storm Road Trip Linkage

The costs of falling in love - payment one way I assure you.

And the bubble goes "POP!"

Isn't this the same MSM entity that purposely edited the audio to make Zimmerman sound racist?

When leftists try to "do economics."  (note, she's ugly too!)

What, wait?  WHO just did WHAT!!???

DT and the Man will keep me company on my trek back home.  YOu should listen to them too.

Aurini opens business for his philosophy consulting venture "Aurini's Insights"  Consider visiting him if you have a question about philosophy and everything Davis.


Tubby said...

Isn't "whooping the shit" out of Zimmerman the thing that led to Trayvon assuming room temperature?

Anonymous said...

Comments on that thread are very depressing, like so many things is America today. Large majority are all or student debt forgiveness. (I guess Latonya didn't have any responsibility to check out the school and program to see if they were a good idea) In fact all eduction should be "free." Several college professors there making that argument should consider slashing their salaries to help cut costs. But no, they just want taxpayers to pick up the tab, which we are already doing to a large part.

I see this brain-dead, entitlement mentality on every comment section I read, except the conservative ones. This country is falling fast. How much longer can we hold off he day of reckoning?