Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Misogynist MGTOW's

This won't be controversial at all (slight language warning):


Martel said...

If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with this brilliant piece by Mike Rowe, do so now:

Anonymous said...

Look Captain, talk about intellectual dishonesty ... look in the mirror. You describe a version of MGTOW that YOU agree with and claim thats good. But other MGTOWs that you don't agree you slam as being hatemongers. Frankly if you have a GF ... and dude I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU ... then YOU are not a MGTOW.

MGTOW is about going your own way and that does not include women. Got it ? If you have a GF in your life then by DEFINITION you are not MGTOW.

And I'm not 13 so don't try that cope out on me. I'm older than YOU are and was married for 13 years. So I am an experienced MGTOW according to YOUR definition. But in many ways I am a "hater" as you describe. Why because I believe in YES, ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. All women are haters, hate men, despise men, use men. Yes, AWALT. If you've not seen that from your GF yet then good for you. Doesn't mean its not there because IT IS THERE. SHE HATES MEN AND WILL USE YOU UP, CHEW YOU UP, SHIT YOU OUT, AND THEN SET IT ON FIRE.

Why ? Because she is a woman and AWALT. They have been breed for millions of years to use men. And trick men, manipulate men. And use sex to get what they want. AWALT.

So you can make up any distinction you want and put yourself in the good guy MGTOW camp if you want. But you'd be wrong.

Taking the Red Pill is learning the true nature about women. Yeah, that nature is ugly. AWALT. MGTOW is about removing women from your life. Do they hate women ... yeah lots of MGTOWs hate women and that makes them better than you because at least they aren't lying; like you are.

Piroko said...

If MGTOW is a correction in the SMP, does it matter what their motives are?

The effect on the market is the same.

A.B. Prosper said...

I liked this video far better than i was expecting . I was kind of assuming it would be a general MGTWO tear down and it wasn't

And I quite agree there are misogynist and cowardly MGTOW.

Of course if they don't like women probably better for all involved if they avoid them anyway.No loss for anyone,

As for the cowardly ones, that's where I have to disagree a little, you really don't have to get burned to know that fire is dangerous.

And yeah the shy and poorly socialized MGTOW , do exist but I think the young teens are a bit of strawman. If I am wrong there, well another point of basic agreement.

On the situation in general for the badly socialized guys I think it is as Krishnamurti wrote

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

These guys would only end up socialized to sickness and as such, we really can't easily help them. MGTOW would serve them as well as anything

To be honest I rather resent the idea that the we regard tail chasing as the measure of manliness. We really need some other way for men to be seen as men that doesn't involve women at all, not owning cars (usually for dating) not owning property, not parenting, something but such things have to develop organically and our society has been uncomfortable with such things for millenniums outside of church context or war

I have no idea how we would do this though in such a thoroughly feminized society anyway.

Until then for most men MGTWO is a great way to enjoy the decline

Anonymous said...

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”
― Groucho Marx

MGTOW Coward said...

Code Yellow ("cowards"), Code Black ("misogynist"), Code Tan ("ugly", "virgin"), Code Purple ("bitter because they can't get laid").

Male Feminist Bingo!

Anonymous said...

Chasing tail is expensive
-- you can spend more in a "club" getting nothing but drunk and frustrated than the price of a high-class "escort".

Chasing tail is dangerous
-- there are STDs that can't be cured.
-- she can get "slut's remorse" and tell the cops you raped her.

Chasing tail is humiliating
-- it makes you a slave, a slave, to women.

MGTOW Coward said...

Code brown ("religious zealotry"), Code Green ("fourteen years old")!

You're on a roll!

Anonymous said...

MGTOW - Part Two

MGTOW understand how false rape, DV, sexual assault, molestation and harassment claims can destroy their lives. MGTOW are fully aware of how wildly the statistics regarding false rape, DV, sexual assault, molestation and harassment have been falsified. They also understand why. The President of the United States knows the stats are false. The colleges know the stats are false. The feminists know the stats are false. Congress knows the stats are false. So why do they all keep using the false stats? It’s not too hard to figure out.

MGTOW want no part of feminism, anti-feminism, men’s rights activism, white knighting or traditional conservative beliefs. MGTOW understand how marriage and family can destroy their lives. Through marriage and family, tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been destroyed in the past 40+ years, which has resulted in hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of male suicides. MGTOW want no part in traditional male roles. MGTOW want no part in the feminist definition of manhood either.

MGTOW see through the illusions, enchantments and brainwashing. MGTOW understand that women aren’t sugar and spice and everything nice. MGTOW see through the BS that society feeds men regarding women.

MGTOW is about not needing women in your life to be happy and healthy. MGTOW is about recognizing that women are fully capable of seriously damaging your life physically, psychologically, emotionally, legally, spiritually and financially. MGTOW is about limiting the power women have over men’s lives. MGTOW is about seeing women for what they are – not what women want you to believe they are. MGTOW is about freeing men of their obsession and addiction to women.

MGTOW seek their own sovereignty and freedom from male disposability.

MGTOW are gonna phuck up the world. How? They're gonna destroy the status quo. Good on them.

Anonymous said...

MGTOW - Part One

If we were talking about anything else that had a 50% failure rate, the fallout of which disproportionately destroyed women’s lives, no one would have a problem with women opting out of whatever that thing was. But – because it’s men’s lives that are disproportionately destroyed, no matter the failure rate, men are whiny, misogynistic, cowardly, and bigoted towards women. What do we call this? Hypocrisy.

That’s where MGTOW comes in. You can break MGTOW into all the different pieces you want, but it all comes down to the same thing. What’s that? People hate MGTOW. People fear MGTOW. Why? MGTOW represent an existential threat to their status quo.

You will find hate for women within MGTOW. You will also find many women that hate men. The question is why.

As with most women, a man bitten is going to hate that which bit him. How long that hate lasts varies from person to person. The MGTOW mindset has a tendency to free men from their hate. How? By removing the illusions and enchantments regarding women. It’s the expectations men have of women that cause the hate. Once you see women for what they are – just as capable of deep betrayal, deceit and cruelty as any man – the hate dissipates. Women are not special beings incapable of causing great harm to others.

Men who believe women to be special beings – better than men – are at most risk for misplaced hatred. Men that need women to prop up their self-esteem and egos to be mentally healthy are in serious need of psychological help (think Elliot Rodger/PUAs).

Feminists have done more to free men from the bane of their existence – the traditional male role – than any other group. The problem with feminism is that it wildly overshot equality and morphed into the new bane of male existence. Feminists, anti-feminists, white knights, tradcons and MRAs all work to continue the subjugation of men. They differ only in the way they implement the subjugation and their angle of attack.

The rape stats are false. The wage gap stats are false. The DV stats are false. Men contribute the majority of taxes and women consume the majority of federal funding. There’s even talk about giving women a premium in social security. Men pay the majority of taxes and live shorter lives, but the PTB want to give women more social security. Women have always been the privileged class. The vast majority of men have always been the disposable class.

Gynocentrism has run amok. Misandry has run amok. MGTOW don’t want a better seat at the slave table. MGTOW understand that MRAs, feminists, anti-feminists, white knights and tradcons hope to mold men into whatever best suits their particular group’s goals. Its plain old brainwashing and social engineering. MGTOW see through this. To get elected and re-elected, male government leaders are throwing men under the bus by pandering to women for their votes. Women manipulate powerful men – with threatpoint – to implement policies and laws that discriminate against men and work in favor of women in education, health and welfare.

'Reality' Doug said...

It's not often I disagree with the Captain. @Anonymous (#1) with the pithy alternative abstract, I totally agree with what you said, but allow a modification. For liberated women a 'bf' is a convenience, and all women are liberated because of establishment says so, then there is no good reason for men to define 'gf' with the old scruples of civilized patriarchy. I think every man should have a gf, several in fact, but wear a condom and be 'liberated' as well. High culture riches are not on the menu at present. Early on, I decided that on women I don't think CC is quite to the full reality of female nature, but if he didn't get female nature, it seems he would have gotten screwed badly by now. Regardless, I still think decent female behavior in the long run requires a solid patriarchy. MGTOW is just a first stage.

A. J. said...

I love the Anonymous tough-guy critics here.

Thanks, Cappy. I'm a MGTOW but I don't hate all women. And it really is true that there very good women in the world. Just let the haters inspire you!

Instead of calling them "Misogynist MGTOWs" call them "Troll MGTOWs" That's much more accurate.

A. J. said...

I love the Anonymous tough guys here!

Thanks Cappy. Instead of "Misogynist MGTOWs" how about "Troll MGTOWs"? it would be more fitting!

Keep up the good work. This MGTOW supports you!

TKman said...

Holy $#@% the butthurt is strong in the video's comments.


James Wolfe said...

MGTOW is an extension of Red Pill. Once you realize that everything you've been told about women and what they want and what makes them happy is a lie you have three choices. You can give up and hide under a rock and feel sorry for yourself. You can use the knowledge you now have to turn the game on women and play them like they've been playing you. Or you can go MGTOW. Being MGTOW doesn't necessarily mean giving up on women. It just means putting them near the bottom of the list of things you want in your life.

The reasons for choosing MGTOW are different for every man and are not really important. He may be bitter at getting screwed over, for being lied to, for having everything taken from him. He may be sad and depressed that all his hopes and dreams will never come true. He may be angry at the way women treated him, laughed at him in front of his friends, taken advantage of his kindness. These are all early stages of MGTOW. MGTOW is an evolutionary process. It changes you. Whatever your reason or feelings about it you eventually learn to appreciate it. The time you have to do things you want to do. The joy of accomplishment doing things on your own. The feelings of freedom and finally being able to express yourself. No more drama or shit tests or nagging or bad moods. Just peace and quiet and satisfaction.

As the Captain said there are posers, men who have never really tried or are affraid to try. Men who got shot down early and often and gave up without trying to improve themselves or their attitude. These are the sad case. They are MGTOW by default. They didn't really choose it. They fell into it and adopted it's lesser qualities as an excuse for failure. But just because a man is bitter or misogynistic doesn't mean he's not a real MGTOW. When I was sitting through divorce class for couples with children (yes we are forced to take this before proceeding with divorce in GA) there were a lot of bitter angry men there. They were being raked over the coals by their wives and their lawyers. And when I've talked to men just beginning the MGTOW process a lot of them have nasty things to say about women, a lot of which are true, but are the kinds of things that will get you labeled a misogynist or woman hater. I felt that way myself when I was getting started. Now it doesn't matter so much. Eventually these men will get over it as well and if they don't make the stupid mistake of jumping into another bad marriage they will be happier for it.

James Wolfe said...

My wife and I have been separated for 9 years now. We filed for divorce twice but decided not to bother finishing it. We have kids and its simpler just to leave it the way it is. For a long time I had difficulty getting over her. I have to see her at least once a week when she gets the kids (if she does). My inclination was to go out and chat with her or go inside her house when I picked them up. But now that I've had lots of time to think about it I realize it's not good for me. I forget all the shit she put me through. The financial difficulty. The heartache. The self doubt. There's no reason in the world why I would want to be her friend. I don't want to be on bad terms with her but she's not my friend.

So I adopted an attitude I developed back in college when a girl I'd been dating for three years decided she wanted to date other guys. I had just transfered to her college to try to win her back and after a semester realized it was futile and so there I was stuck. She lived less than a block from the main campus. Every morning when I walked to class I had to see her house and her car and when her car wasn't there I new it was at her boyfriend's house. It killed me. So I started just going around. Taking a longer way to class so I wouldn't have to see it. And eventually it became a habit and I no longer even thought about it. So now I'm just going around, which is what MGTOW is all about. Do your own thing, go your own way, and if they want to follow let them, but if they start bitching or trying to change you, leave 'em by the side of the road. Excess baggage. These misogynist MGTOW's may grow out of it or maybe they'll decide to improve themselves and become players. Otherwise they're just a sad excuse for a man.

Anonymous said...

Lol this guy is pretty far from being a feminist.

Craig R. Meyer said...

I myself just can't believe that being MGTOW is REALLY about logic only. Sure there's divorce law, and child support, and all that. Sure. Yes. Not arguing with those.

But really, there are plenty of men out there today -- sometimes including me, sigh -- who don't understand WHY to try with women. They don't know or feel or perceive the WHY of all this, and that just can't be good.

Men have had a feeling/motivation to pursue women for all of human history, but NOW we have a crop of men who are alienated from that feeling/motivation.

Alienation. That's got to be the word here.

I'm convinced that when many men say "desire for sex", they don't mean the same thing as when others say it. The more healthy fellows unconsciously group all sorts of emotions into that phrase, while others are only thinking in the most basic status/physical/utilitarian terms. They're talking right past each other without even knowing it.


If I could ask Uncle Bob one question, it would be to simply expound on what that feeling/motivation is. Not to argue, but just to understand a little better. Because boy do I want to.

Anonymous said...


There seems to be a huge understanding between you and a number of MGTOW personalities. A lot of this useless hostility would blow over if they knew you understood where they are coming from.

What is surprising to me is that you had written a number of essays that capture the feelings of MGTOW perfectly. Considering you understand MGTOW so well, why resort to the silly shaming language?

Maybe a repost and youtube reading of the following might smooth things over. These were some of your best essays on what is now known as the MGTOW philosophy.

Yes, Men Do Leave the Market

You Started It, but We Will Finish It

The Costs of Playerhood