Thursday, February 05, 2015

What Single Parents Should Say

I made this comment and realized that it is more profound than I originally thought:

I've never seen, "I'm sorry to my children and I humbly thank all the people who are paying extra taxes and sacrificing extra parts of their lives to afford me and my children a better life.  I will dedicate my life to pay you back."

Never.  Never.

Always, "you owe me more" "don't judge me" "you don't know what I've gone through."

Fuck 'em.  Not even their children will visit them in the nursing home.  Their best friend will be a government check.  They wasted their lives.  Let them suffer it.


Glen Filthie said...


Go do volunteer work at a battered women's shelter, Cap.

In short order you will find that
- most cases of domestic abuse are situations where two idiots are fighting and the smaller idiot is losing
- like rape accusations, most abuse accusations are obviously false
- that the councillors and social workers that are supposedly dedicated to helping these 'victims of violence' - are actually rabid Marxists and borderline head cases themselves.
- when it comes to villainy single mothers are not the lowest form of life on that particular totem pole

Socialists have turned poverty into an industry and will do anything they can to promote it and enable it.

Cecil Henry said...

Damn. Well said.

Please say this MORE.

WE need to hear reality and accountability for this parasitic socialist government hell that is being imposed.

leeholsen said...

the govt has been irresponible for 50 years and it has just become acceptable. when reality hits, its going to be really bad.

(btw, i gotta dsagree about people visiting their parents in home; my grandma was in a home of seniors with money and good backgrounds and you could count on 2 hands seniors that got visitors; its not just irresponsible people; really sucked to learn that).

chris said...

I pay for my kids. Out of my income. I don't get any from the lizard.

But then, I'm a Solo DAD.

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain: I call your attention to my (ex) wife, who was herself a single mother of 2 children at the time we met and wed, subsequently to have 2 children together. She is now an RN, and our 4 children are all grown (two of whom have my chromosomes). Our daughter (brought into the marriage with her mother) is a single mother, and (with considerable assistance from the previously described long suffering taxpayers) worked herself through a bachelor's and masters degrees. Now, she is herself one of the long suffering taxpayers. She has three of the most wonderful children in the western hemisphere, in my own humble and oh-so-biased opinion. My point is that, sometimes, our tax dollars indeed DO perform some higher good. Not every welfare recipient is a slug, although, as an ER RN of 40 years standing, I must confess that the slug quotient is overwhelming the transient-run-of-bad-luck population! She (both the Daughter and The Ex) kinda, sorta says "thank you", every payday, as each kicks money into the kitty, there to be sunk down the rathole-du-jour by Our Esteemed Leaders. Simply my $0.02 worth.