Friday, February 13, 2015

Things Liberal Arts Majors Can't Do

Leave the awesome to the STEM, IT, and geek professionals.

PS - No liberal arts majors were hurt, nor used in the production of this video or any of the awesomeness you just witnessed.


Anonymous said...

The bird at 2:35. Lol

Anonymous said...

simply awesome

The Shrug said...

Those poor single moms won't get to shop like us employed proles. It's not fair.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for you, Economics is not a major that allows you to create the same "awesomeness" as is presented in this video.

For that, you would need a degree in physics, or engineering or computer programming. It's not too late for you to bust your ass and get such a degree. You too can be part of this awesomeness if you want it. Unless of course you don't want to leave your little comfort zone from which you get on your moral high horse and chastise other people.

With you it's do as I say, not as I do, right ?

Karl said...

Worth every tax dollar.

vandiver49 said...

From a purely tactical POV, using a Tomahawk missile to try and take down a ship is kinda pointless, as the test indicates. While there would be damage, most combat vessels would still be in the fight after such a hit. Just spend the money to develop the replacement for the Harpoon.

Anonymous said...

The Tomahawk and the Harpoon are obsolete given progress in closed in weapons systems.

To counter progress in CIWS, the Pentagon is currently working on a new concept they call "The Constellation".

There will be no way to defend against this type of anti-ship attack.

random said...

I just watched a lot of confiscated wealth slam into the side of a floating target. Big deal.

Give it so some single mom so she can cripple the lives of her children, or give it to some defense company and military so they can cripple the lives of foreign children.

Meh.... Bloated military spending is just as responsible for the collapse as anything else.

Looks really cool though.