Friday, March 04, 2016

Turning Trump into a Perot or Nader

I largely avoid politics as it is pointless, futile, bad for my blood pressure, and frankly, where the pigs wrestle in the mud.  However, if you'll permit me this one, well-placed sniper shot, I would appreciate it.

The Republican establishment can

stamper their little feet

about Trump.

But you better get behind him.  Because if you don't, and you dare nominate somebody OTHER than Trump, his voters are the type to vote for him anyway and they WILL split the vote.  You'll lose the election (like you always do) and then you'll pussyfoot around hitting up your blue blood donors to "Help Fight the Hillary Express!" and this country will go down like it deserves because there's nobody with balls left.


Pax Empyrean said...

Trump thinks Hillary is great. Not much point in "winning" if both candidates are equally shitty.

Unknown said...

I have the impression the GOPe have given up fighting Trump and realized that when you concoct a hissy fit about the Donald, you attract people and clicks and thus MONEY. Trump might even keep Gawker alive despite their lawsuit with Hulk Hogan!

grey enlightenment said...

I don't think it's possible for him to split the vote because he would no longer be on the ballot. What could happen is that Trump supporters stay home

Ben C said...

If he doesn't become a Trump or Nader, he may turn into a national version of MN's Jesse Ventura. Had enough people here tired of the same old crap from the Ds and Rs that we elected that wild card.

SM777 said...

Please don't leave out the probably of backroom deals between the two main political "opponents".

Perot may have been asked/appointed to throw the election for Bush #1 who, rumor has it, wanted to retire.

Also, don't forget about the computerized voting machines in which an election can be rigged with a few keystrokes on a laptop.

Then there's always the LP...........

heresolong said...

Yup. Nothing like voting for a low IQ Democrat running as a Republican to really piss off the establishment and show that we really mean it when we say we are upset.

Stand by for left wing policies either way.

Faithless Cynic said...

Cappy, I freaking LOVE your blog but, you are being short sighted on this one. The repukes WANT to lose to Hillary. There is a steady, stable income in bribes by being the opposition STOP HILLARY party. I am the great Tom-nack and here is how I predict this shitshow will go down. The repukes will fuck Trump with rule 40 ( look it up ) and deny him the nomination. Trump will run anyway, split the ticket and fucking Hillary gets the USSA throne.

If the repukes actually control the presidency and congress, they may be required TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. Heresey most foul.

Not hating on you Cap. Reading your book " Enjoy The Decline" woke me up and changed my life for better. Only a friend will tell you when you are wrong.

Borepatch said...

The establishment wouldn't mind a Hillary victory. Better business as usual (with all the usual opportunities for graft and crony capitalism, like the Trans Pacific Partnership) than change.

They don't care if they lose to Hillary. They caare if they lose to Trump or Cruz. Just listen to them - it's the kicked dog that yelps.

Mark Matis said...

Well of course, heresolong. After all, that low IQ Democrat Reagan was such an abject failure.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the people voting for Trump are Democrats anyway and have explicitly said they will support H-dawg in the general. Trump loves big government and is probably worse than Hillary especially when you factor in that Hillary is impeachable and Republicans will consistently oppose her.

The only reason to support Trump at all is in the hope the electoral college will defect and send it to congress.

heresolong said...


Reagan was not low IQ. Hopefully you are tongue in cheek here, otherwise you are displaying your ignorance. You may wish to actually read some of his writings rather than take the word of people who hated him.

Reagan had been a Democrat but gradually transitioned over to the Republican party as the Democrats abandoned the core values that he had always held.

Trump is an idiot. He can't seem to hold an opinion or a policy for five consecutive minutes. He does not appear to have any core conservative or libertarian beliefs. To the extent that he does seem to have core beliefs, they are liberal. Abortion, single payer health care, gun control, crony capitalism, etc.

His signature issue has been immigration, but he recently has been exposed as being a hypocrite on that issue too. Not only has he hired illegal immigrants to work on his project, he recently told the NY Times that he doesn't really mean what he said about immigration, that it is just a negotiating tactic. So all of you who are supporting Trump because "the only thing that matters is illegal immigration", well, what are you really getting?

Pay attention. A Donald Trump presidency will be a nightmare for American conservatism, and a Donald Trump Republican nomination will not be much better.

Will said...

"A nightmare to American conservatism...""

And that my boy, is the entire point. Sperges gunna sperge.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain the Republicans had no intention of beating Hillary in the 2016 national election. They allowed Obama to win twice and now it is Hillary's turn. Trump got wind of this and decided to foil the plot.

The Dem and Rep parties are one party which puts on a show to keep people divided over silly, yet very emotional issues, as they both rob us blind. Like any merger, the brand of one of the companies will fade over time… and that is what the weak and empty Republican party is today.

I think the Larry Craig problem runs very deep in the Republican national leadership. I’ve met many of these folks and the gaydar goes off from several of them. It reminded me of meeting several church leaders.

So true conservatism is gone from DC. The problem with Trump filling the vacuum is he’s going to be like an entertaining version of M Bloomberg.