Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Red Pill Analysis of HGTV

An interesting analysis.


YIH said...

On the occasions I've caught it, all the shows are some variant of ''flip this house''. I.E. remodeling/rehabbing to resell.
The 'stars' of course are the products and tools, the people are just there as models/demonstrators.
I don't agree with his take on Hillary, if anything she's studiously avoided anything resembling 'domestic life' from the time she was the wife of the Governor of Arkansas. Anything to do with the home/family is something for the 'staff' to take care of. She had ''much more important'' things to take care of. I doubt she could even prepare something to eat that doesn't involve a microwave - or ordering an underling to do it for her.
Mind you I don't think Trump's much different in that regard. I doubt either one has even driven a car by themselves in many years - or could even do basic things like filling the gas or checking the oil.

It's Not A Wonderful Life said...

One of these shows features a format that's identifiable
by being nearly identical to the format used by Gordon
Ramsay in his upwardly-aspirational shows about making
somewhat shoddy cooks into potentially brilliant chefs
with amazing restaurants...

Each episode works like this:

-- Meet with the participants
-- Look at their current situation
-- Show everyone in lurid detail how awful it
is as compared to their aspirations
-- Show the participants what it's like to be "better off"
-- Deliver a public bollocking/dress-down of beliefs,
practices, and behaviours that are unrealistic or
-- Engage the participants with a sham religious
conversion ritual where they dare to be "better off"
-- Watch them go through all of the sordid motions
required to be "better off", including the rather
public discarding of pipe dreams and other effluent
-- Become highly amused as they do things that are
meant to be representative of actual work
-- Witness the successful religious conversion as a
"better off" group of participants who are happy
in their new situation; or
-- Observe the catastrophic collapse of their dreams
in full-frontal confrontational mode, sometimes
involving the show's hosts and crew

The show I'm thinking of is actually filmed and produced
in Canada, most of it in the Greater Toronto Area, but
it's essentially a Gordon Ramsay show with properties
and gussied-up estate agents.

If you'd like to make your brain fat on Christmas Eve-
like aspirations, sugar faeries, and that sort of cack,
there is in fact a source for that sort of thing, but
I'd recommend you try it out on your cat first.


That sort of thing could be deadly ...

Anonymous said...

HGTV makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It's basically a commercial for a bigger better (read more expensive) house (not home) to acquire.

LBD said...

CC., you guys have it wrong. HGTV is the Playboy channel for women. Good looking handymen making over your house with a new kitchen, bathroom and walk-in closet--THAT's our G-spot.