Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Must Make Wifey Happy

So work 80 hours a week in "Big Law."

hat tip.


Jim Scrummy said...

Many years ago I had the stupid idea of going to law school. I had the grades and the LSAT score to get into a decent law school (not one of the Ivies). But then I awakened from that nightmare of a dream and did other fun stuff like surfing, snowboarding, scuba diving, rock climbing and any other physical activity that was fun. I'd rather do physical activity, then sit around reading musty old law books. One of my siblings went to law school, and tried to do the "big law" thing, and hated it. My sibling quit the "firm" and does free lance law work when the spirit moves them while raising their kids. My sibling had a former close friend who "succeeded" in making partner at a firm, of course the friend has already burned through 2 marriages. I wouldn't call that success by any metric.

Joe said...

The funny thing is that even with all the extra earnings, you don't really get ANYTHING out of it. I worked a regular job without too many extra hours and had everything I ever wanted. My neighbor was a doctor, made tons more money, and what did he have? A house absolutely full of worthless crap that was all eventually thrown out.