Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Women are Truly Oppressed

Never have so many
Been duped out of so much
By so few:


Un Americano said...

Most of those #womenwithdegrees will end up with a collection of babydaddies and welfare checks.

LBD said...

Mr. Clary: love your blog, but those checked pants! Lucky you have sufficient charisma to overcome such a choice but my eyes! My eyes!😜

Mr. Bee said...

Hey guess what? If the millennials hadn't gone to college, the trade jobs they would have occupied were already taken the immigrants. Legal, illegal and the sons and daughters of the illegals. They were hosed from day one and the ironic part is they will be voting for the people who screwed them. Cause programmed.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blunt, but honest and truthful, advice Aaron. I am purchasing your books not for myself, but to pass on to my younger cousins who are stepping on every land mine you warn young men about. One just announced that after 5 years of college, student debt and a pursuing a bad business venture he jumped into and received very little in compensation, he has finally found gain full employment. In a lumberyard. Oh, he is also heavily dating a single mother who just graduated college (yeah, I know). I tried to softly broach some "red pill" topics with him, but I might as well have been speaking Greek.

I will pass on your books to his younger brothers who are getting ready to go to HS.