Sunday, August 07, 2016

Boys Ditching Girls in Real World for Digital Ones

I like how the MSM, religious folk, and baby boomer types get around to discovering stuff the Manosphere did 5-10 years ago.  So imagine my chuckle when a study was done and they discovered boys are preferring to play video games and watch porn than

get stood up
go to school
go into debt

and all the miserable shit they saw Gen X go through.

I was to quote John McClane and yell "Welcome to the party pal!"


Anonymous said...

These articles are so ridiculous. They never seem to touch upon the elephant in the room. If boys/men are doing this, what are the girls/women up to?

It's Charlie Brown and the football.

SM777 said...

Haa haa haa haa haa!

Those commie dick sucking baby boomers and feminazis never catch on to anything until it's waaaay too late.

Yippee ki yay mother#%@!#*&.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the comments were closed on that article. I would have told him its another sorry article about how only males are to blame and poor wittle waif female is so perfect and not part of the problem.

It was also laughable that all he could offer is some religious BS.

Here is an idea. Maybe the drinking age could be lowered to 15 or 16 so you know, all those immature teenagers could learn to socialize. Maybe abolish some asinine labor laws as well that prevent you know, actually getting hired to do something. Years ago, I recall it was legal for me to stock shelves and unload 50lb boxes from a hot truck, but somehow, I'm just too stupid to operate the trash compactor.

Maybe if these 'boys' were married off early and encouraged to do something, they could be filling their church pews, but that would require a painful thought change on their part.

I've tried to warm up a bit to some spiritual aspects, but I'll forever be peeved about being told the problem with my life is that I don't have Jesus!. No jackass, I'd like to be able to socialize and maybe poke a couple women on a regular basis. That would be some happiness.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that this would work out fine for the parents, who will have someone to look after them in old age. It used to be common enough when there were several girls in a family that one would be selected out to stay at home and look after mom and dad - eventually usually just mom. Males are better because they won't fight with mom and are stronger, for e.g shovelling snow, keeping cars running etc.

Un Americano said...

Same old traditionalist manning-up bullshit. Mention of the Marriage Strike is shot down as "uninteresting" while the tradcons and women shame away.

evilwhitemalempire said...

It won't last.
Not because the PTB will crack down on MGTOWers, but because of evolution.
You see, any man can 'boycott' women.
BUT he cannot boycott women and still have sons that will grow up to boycott women.
In any population there are genetic variants.
Some genotypes will be predisposed against taking the 'soft option' of video games and porn (even the new VR sex stuff).
Those genotypes will simply breed in place of the MGTOWers.
But just try and tell MGTOWers this.
Misandry will live on.
No, the only way to stop misandry, once and for all, is to actually undermine women's reproductive value (for real)
Porn and VR sex only erode women's PERCEIVED sex value not their actual sex value). (and evolution will eventually correct for this as I implied)
That means artificial womb tech or the conscription of other mammals as surrogates.

David Jravis said...

Sorry, but these "men" are losers.

I get not wanting to be in relationships, especially with today's western/American women. Who wants to deal with them? I get that.

But these kids need to get out of mommy's house and support themselves financially. They need to be independent. Solo is the way to go. You answer only to yourself, and you're under no one's thumb.

Then you can play all games and watch all the porn you want... because you're self sufficient.

Anonymous said...

I love how the comments get shut down shortly after a posting with a link to "Men on Strike", by Helen Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

To evilwhitemalempire:

I'm not into discussing what MGTOW has become but apart from it there are a lot of men who are perfectly aware about the demographics. We honestly don't care anymore about "some genotypes", as you put it, getting all the girls with all the government, media and social support behind this. Existing incentives not to ever marry and have kids greatly outweight our biological programs. Relatives may keep nagging about not seeing any grandkids and neighborhoods beeing diversified. Who cares, there will always be enough of others fueling population growth.
And those men (I personally know a good bunch) are not just some basement-dwelling bitter escapist manchilds, they are productive, educated, with incomes well above their peers' average or less workhours, interesting hobbies and comfortable with socializing.

Pardon me my imperfect non-native english, that's happening not only in America. Don't forget to enjoy the decline!

liberranter said...

I love how the comments get shut down shortly after a posting with a link to "Men on Strike", by Helen Reynolds.

No doubt that the existence of that book is breaking news to most tradcucks, even though it's been out for, what, four or five years now?

No wonder no one takes these people or their movement seriously. The very embodiment of heads-up-their-asses clueless.

Ready Player One said...

Gives a new meaning to "becoming a player" ...

Vader999 said...

I'm pretty sure the MSM, religious right, and the rest of the authority figures already know that boys prefer porn and videogames over school and dating. They've known it at least 5-8 years ago. Why do you think the Left targeted video games with Anita Sarkeesian and all those media feminists bashing video games for being sexist? Why do you think religious types attacked Grand Theft Auto? Why do you think both sides attacked porn? It wasn't just for reasons of having "offensive" content. They wanted to get their boys off of both games and porn.