Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Solution to Colin Kaepernick

If you are a true American, at minimum Colin Kaepernick pisses you off.  A rich minority millionaire football player who was adopted by white people who made headlines recently by not standing for the national anthem because (exhausted *sigh*) "racial equality."  Such hypocrisy (and unoriginality/conformity) makes any normal person detest such a person, plus deep down inside your darwinistic instincts are scrambling for a "solution" for a traitor to your country.

Ergo, you'll call into the Sean Hannity Show.
You'll tweet it on your FriendFace.
Perhaps you'll get into a debate about him online.

But in the end you know this will have no effect because this is the narrative and the entire media, educational, and government systems are championing that narrative.

So how do you fight back?

Well, there is only one way.

You boycott the 49'ers. 

This is an example of a theory I've been working on that there is a universal equilibrium when it comes to political attacks from your enemies.  That for every political attack (or even "action") there is a succinct, simple, Occam's Razorish type response that would counter it.  Think the laws of physics where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Or in economics, markets are always trying to find equilibrium.  It may take some time, but if you sit down and think about it, a clear and obvious solution to any political attack/action DOES invariably exist.

However, there are two problems that exist with the simple solution of boycotting the '49'ers.

One, they are from San Francisco and most people in San Francisco cheer on the ignorant demand of equal outcomes and not equal opportunities.  They are for stealing money from white people to give to minorities that fucked up as badly as Colin's birth father (you can look that up).  And they are all for replacing meritocracy, fairness, and justice with equal outcomes for a hatred of those who worked hard and earned what they have.

So you're not going to get anybody in SF to boycott Mr. Kaepernick.

Two, thankfully, you can still cause the NFL a sting if fans of any team playing against the 49'ers decide to boycott them.  This may (once again) be the simple counter-reaction political solution we are seeking, but alas, remember what I've said before:

Republicans are pussies when it comes to boycotting.

While there is some hope with Target Corporation suffering financially for it's sickening virtue signaling, in general Republicans, SWPL's, RINO's, and suburbanites still give money to corporations and companies that hate them, or at least hate America and freedom.  Starbucks and Apple are always patronized by suburban conservative folk because they just have to have their coffee and latest iPhone fashion statement.  Lines go out the door at Chipotle as sheeple SWPL's get their "organic grass fed beef."  I still, for the life of me, can't understand why people still have leftist MSM rags delivered to their squeaky clean White Fish Bay doors.  And year after year, in major metro after major metro, the (predominantly white, republican) football fans bend over and spread their ass cheeks so the NFL can ass-rape them for billion dollar stadiums.

In short, yes, there is a simple solution and one that 50 years ago would have worked.  Had some arrogant spoiled suburbanite brat QB failed to stand up for the pledge of allegiance and spew leftist hatred for white people as the excuse, I'd imagine the majority of football going fans would boycott any games he played, forcing the NFL to silence him or bench him altogether (truthfully, the NFL would probably never had let it get that far).  Of course, the male football fans of today are pussies compared to the men of yesteryear, and (just like they get ass-raped paying for stadiums), they'd rather have this whinny child spit in their face and indirectly accuse them of being racist, than give up "sportsball" and stand for principle.  Their lives are that meaningless and void of purpose, all they have is "the Sunday game" and will submit themselves as inferior men to this self-pitying race-pimp. 

Alas, there is a solution, but it requires real men and women to implement it.  And very few of these people are real men or women.

Enjoy the decline.


Tom Arrow said...

I don't know what his values and stuff are and I do not agree on that equality thing, but I totally dig that he does not stand up during a stupid hymn. Who cares. Rusty traditionalism. Just like people who get upset when somebody 'desecrates' a flag. It's a piece of cloth.

Glen Filthie said...

Wait. What?

Couple days ago you told us that mudflap over at Bioware that hates white people - should not be witch hunted and burned at the same stake that SJW's burn their racist/homophobics/mysoganist heretics at. Now you're saying we should burn this idiot?

This crap is going to continue until guys like YOU start using the N-word when it applies. You guys with the high profile blogs need to step up and lead the charge on shite like this - not scold guys that watch football. The reason you don't step up is that you are scared spitless that those same SWPL sheeple will call you names. It's a legitimate fear, I suppose.

As for me? I saw this all coming years ago. I lost this battle; I'm white, I'm male, and it's been made plain that I am expected to fall over myself to prove how much I love black people each time one of those monkeys gets offended. I know how this works. When the average black IQ of 85 asserts itself in the form of riots and protests - I'm expected to pass over my cash and look away. I'm done. There's honest blacks and there's niggers - and its high time we grabbed some balls and start making the distinction.

The looming race wars won't be averted by bloggers or the NFL. I'm stock piling supplies, ammo and popcorn and recommend that others do the same.

Liam Callahan said...

Once again Mr. Clarey you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

The local radio personalities are saying he did that to keep from getting cut from the 49ers. The plan being San Francisco is too liberal to let a BLM activist get cut.

It is believable but not the only explanation.

Jay Nix said...

Sometimes boycotts do work. Mizzou decided to double down on carrying to SJW standard and the move has led to a 21% drop in freshman enrollment. Conversely, the same self style SJW tried to condemn Chik-Fil-A for their religious policies, but that backfired spectacularly.

Anonymous said...

The solution to world poverty is

Anonymous said...

Colin is an ass but the outrage again is misplaced by 'boobus americanus'.

If boobus would now only get outraged by 4 million plus federal bureaucrats and numerous ones at the local and state level how much freer and wealthier would we be?

I don't get excited about this flag and anthem crap all that much. If we were actually free, I could stand with the outrage with Colin but I don't really care one way or another. I rarely watch a football game and don't care about millionaire prima donnas. And yes, I've talked to such people who are 'stupid Republicans' who support being taxed for a billion dollar year businesses stadium.

kurt9 said...

I stopped watching NKL a couple of years ago for an entirely different reason. This just gives me another reason to not watch it.

Anonymous said...

I started boycotting products several months ago since I don't want to support mouthy people who want to preach to me, tax me to death, and shame me. While my actions probably won't collapse any business that I boycott, I'm amazed by how gratifying it is to fight back in my small personal way.

VFM #7916 said...

Further, given that women are now close to being the majority consumer of sportsball, it is unlikely that a principled stand will ever be conducted. See Germany for female emotional reaction to immivasion and outbreeding.

Anonymous said...

Not just the NFL - pretty much every major sports stadium is taxpayer funded. What kills me are the people who don't have a pot to piss in but have 1000 bucks worth of jerseys.

Course, that's no different than the unemployed hipster Millennials with 100,000 in student loan debt - but 10,000 bucks worth of ink...

Joe Richards said...

It would probably be more effective to 1) send angry emails/letters to NFL 2) boycott all NFL activities, and 3) send angry letters to lefty companies that advertise during NFL games.

Michael Shanklin said...

I think bowing down to state socialist flags and anthems is what makes a man a real pussy... Cheering on the loss of your property rights by the state makes you not only a pussy, but a retard too.

liberranter said...

Starbucks and Apple are always patronized by suburban conservative folk because they just have to have their coffee and latest iPhone fashion statement.

In the case of Starbucks it's patronized mostly because these people are too fucking lazy to make their own damned coffees/mochachinos/lattes at home for a fraction of the cost of Starbucks' overpriced, shitey-tasting sludge (of course given that the typical suburbanite SWPL yuppie, especialy the female variety, wouldn't be caught dead in a kitchen means that the stupid assholes wouldn't begin to know how to brew even a simple cup of black coffee, let alone anything involving multiple steps like a making a latte).

As for buying anything from Apple, that's just plain brainstemming. Given Apple's horrendous (too polite of a word, but I can't think of one adequately more negative) customer service and technology, one has to conclude that most suburbanite SWPLs must have a fetish for being robbed and sodomized at the same time.

Jason said...

Hard to boycott something to which I already pay zero attention.

Phil Christensen said...

My two cents: Kaepernick's actions reach the level of "meh."

Anonymous said...

Oh, hell... boycott the NFL and the stations/networks that carry them.

I did years ago and don't regret it. It's a horrible time suck and there are much better things to do than watch a bunch of thugs playing for a bunch of extortionists of the public.

Anonymous said...

What is this NFL you speak of? Some gay organization?

Anonymous said...

you're not going to convince a nation of white cucks to stop watching their precious thugs in tights give each other CTE every Sunday. They live for that homoerotic game.

liberranter said...

Oh, hell... boycott the NFL and the stations/networks that carry them.

I did years ago and don't regret it. It's a horrible time suck and there are much better things to do than watch a bunch of thugs playing for a bunch of extortionists of the public.

Yup. I've been completely "boob tube-free" for almost a year now and can say that I'm astounded at not only the fact that I don't miss it AT ALL, but that the thought of re-engaging with it is about as alluring as the prospect of getting a root canal without Novocain. What infuriates me most is when I think of all the years of money I wasted on premium cable and satellite subscriptions and what I could be doing with that money now if I still had it!

Joe Regan said...

I think you have to ask how a Colin Kaepernick even happens.

Make no mistake, while he looks like he was a wannabe gangsta, the history doesn't show it. He grew up in a white area, and actually excelled both athletically and academically; he had a very good GPA at Nevada and scored a 37 on the Wonderlic (which meets MENSA standards).

Makes you wonder how influential the chattering class is on Americans. Here you have a guy that has everything (money, athleticism, intelligence), and all he can do is bash the place that made it happen because of some perceived racial injustice (do I think people who worry about police brutality have a point: yes. Do I think the US Government is in any way responsible: no, not really).

Bike Bubba said...

What Joe says. Abandoned by his father, grew up in a white family, is really culturally white except for what he adopted as an adult. Kinda like someone we know about in DC.

I think he's just tired of American football. Think he could play ball in the summer on a slightly larger field? Or if he's saved a buck or two from playing, maybe....he won't bother.

I'm not offended at refusing to stand for the anthem; the constant playing of it bothers me, too. What bothers me is assuming that the police have it out for blacks, and the data simply aren't there. But if one reads the SF press, how would he know?

rob cubed said...

The U.S. constitution is not perfect (endorses slavery, no women's suffrage) but when the bill ammendments are included, it's a damn fine standard to live by.

Any semblance of "patriotism" I had was toward the IDEAS upon which this country was founded, because it was those ideas that differentiated the U.S. from any other patch of soil.
However the US of today violated the hell out of the constitution and Bill of rights, and I no longer feel loyal to the U.S. Since it no longer represents the actual ideas I am loyal to. Unfortunately we have too many blindly patriotic people who love America no matter how oppressive or totalitarian it may become, and these are the people who make a huge fuss over not standing for the anthem.

If Colin doesn't want to stand for the anthem, it's his right, and personally I would rather not stand for the anthem either until the US cleans up its act.

Anonymous said...

What Rob said. I could agree with Kaepernick until he made it a racial issue. The corrupt puppet government is everyone's problem, and it's telling how people are more offended that this guy sits out the pledge than at the level of graft on all levels of government, but especially federal.

YIH said...

Guess what? I don't do faceberg, never have, don't have an account there, don't use it. Never had an interest in it.
That means I'm ''boycotting'' it, right? Will I watch ''sportsball''? YES! I don't bash people who like music, or are movie fans, or Harley owners/riders, or like to drink, or like to travel, or do and/or listen to podcasts, or read or write books. That would be retarded. BTW, Would you consider Vox Day an idiot?