Saturday, December 03, 2016

Curse Free Episode #13

Amy Schumer playing "Barbie."
Rouge One Promises to be an SJW Lecture Against White Males.
Why are poor people fat?
NEVER help a woman stranger.  That's the job of the government.
The "Dindoo Statute of Limitations"


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Anonymous said...

Rouge One Promises to be an SJW Lecture Against White Males.

You should have said ...against white men.

You will find that the feminazis are replacing the word men with the word male. Men are human males. Males are not necessarily human. Dogs are male, cats are male.

They use language to control the dialogue.

Captain, You are smarter than this.

Vader999 said...

I now realize why Disney canned the Expanded Universe Star Wars.

It wasn't SJW enough. Yes, they had a thing for human males dominating the Empire, but at the same time, there were many in-universe arguments as to why the Empire was superior, and the whole "Empire vs Rebels" was actually a fair debate where some fans actually can argue, with good evidence, that the Empire was better than the Rebels/Republic. Plus, not to mention that female Imperial villains, like the Empire's intelligence chief Ysanne Isard, Tarkin's protege Admiral Natasi Daala, and Vader's apprentice Lumiya, can be REALLY nasty bitches, to the point where male Imperial villains like Grand Admiral Thrawn look like sensible people in comparison. They had nuanced character development and a reasonable debate on the merits of having an Empire vs. having a Republic, and they proved that Imperial women can be just as nasty, perhaps even nastier, than the men who wear the Imperial uniforms. Can't have any of that nuance or complexity in the new universe! We have to be SJW to the extreme! So aside from the cartoon show Rebels and the expansions to the MMO Old Republic, Star Wars is turning into special snowflake hour.