Monday, December 19, 2016

When Holograms Replaced Women...and Men

Not much surprises me anymore.  My world view, which has been formulated from empirical data and a healthy dose of cynicism, has never failed me.  It predicts the slow and inevitable devolution of society, that when I see a 48th gender created or another deluded college professor advocating the elimination of the white race or stories about pedophilia and pizza, I just shrug my shoulders and go "meh."  But every great once in a while something happens that even I wasn't expecting.  And one such a thing has happened that completely blind-sided me.

A hologram wife that is being marketed as a substitute for the real thing.

If you're unaware or don't have time to watch the above-linked video, in short, Japan is suffering a "sex/romance crisis" wherein fewer and fewer men are pursuing women.  The purified/extreme form of this trend are called "herbivores," where men opt to completely abandon the pursuit of women, choosing a life of video games, grooming, living at home, anime, and porn instead.  They are an interesting case study in not only are they the most "extreme" form of this woman/marriage boycott, but it results in some interesting behaviors, namely replacing real women with a substitute.

The last time I was this shocked was hearing about the existence of "waifu pillows" and the shocking advances (and resources dedicated to) developing robot women.  Odd as they may be, however, they are simply substitutes this small segment of Japanese men are using for women, so the creation of a holographic Stepford wife should come as no surprise.  But while "waifu pillows" and (eerie as hell) "sexbots" could simply be dismissed as the sex toys of a fringe element of Japanese society, the hologram wife is different which makes it so shocking.  Specifically...

it's the free market telling us this trend isn't so fringe.

Not that every man in Japan is some herbivore metrosexual, dropping the $2,000 it takes to get a hologram wife, but there's enough of them that a commercial enterprise has invested the money into it to make it a reality AND they have the gall to advertise it on TV and the internet!  Additionally, it's almost as if there's no shame as the commercial seems to be completely indifferent, indifferent and matter-of-fact about what it's advertising.  It suggests that it's perfectly acceptable today in Japanese society to have a hologram wife instead of the real thing.

When you think about it, this is incredibly sad and telling and on many levels.

One, just how poorly have women been brought up that they're being out-competed by a hologram?  The saddest part of the commercial I couldn't get over was how the hologram simply said simple and kind things that has been bred out of today's women.  "How are you?"  "When are you coming home?"  "It's raining out, don't forget your umbrella."  You laugh at it now, until you realize just how few women display such concern or care in Japan (or other western cultures) that it actually has become a rare commodity.  It's a sad state that basic wifely courtesy and concern can be replaced with some voice recognition and computer code.  And while you may be quick to deride, mock, and ridicule these herbivore men (and perhaps rightly so), remember, they're consciously choosing freaking pillows, sexbots, and holograms over the real thing

Two, while Japan may be down the "freaky-hologram-wife-sex-bot-pillow rabbit hole" further than it's other western counterparts, we here in  Europe and the US face a similar phenomenon - porn.  Mock the herbivore men all you want, there isn't a man under 30 40 50 alive today that hasn't looked at porn.  And many men, when given the option, would rather spend 2 hours jerking off to porn than expend the 40 hours it would take to land a date, land a second, charm her on the third, and maybe have sex by the fourth in today's modern America.  This manifests itself in many ways similar to what's happening in Japan.  Japan has herbivores, we have MGTOW's.  They're watching animie porn, Europeans are watching...uhhhh...just "regular porn."   Japan's birthrate has dropped below sustainable levels.  The West's birthrate has dropped below sustainable levels.  Men have gone on a marriage strike in Japan, and men have gone on a marriage strike in the West.  This is all the result of (in part) a substitute good that is cheaper/easier/faster or whatever you want to call it, than the real thing.

Third, the real thing.  Understand what is happening here is 100%, PURE, CLASSICAL, ECONOMICS.  Women are getting replaced with a substitute good.  Normally people would say, "Why would you take a hologram over the real thing?  What the hell is a matter with you?"  But what normal people don't realize is that you are not these people and every person has their own tastes and preferences.  Some people like chocolate.  Others like vanilla.  And some weirdos prefer black licorice.  So you can judge and laugh all you want, but in the end these men/boys ARE opting to go with a substitute.  It is perhaps the shock that we are finding out just how little it takes to be a substitute that makes this hard to believe.  Namely digital or "virtual" simulations are equal to (or better) than the real thing to some men.  But hard as it is to believe, the collapse in marriage rates makes your belief irrelevant.

Finally, women.  While my focus has been on substitutes for women, I am fully aware of the point many of you are screaming right now - that women today themselves have changed (for the worse) making your right hand and a hologram wife the better of the two options.  I am also fully aware of the economic and sociological arguments that student loans, a poor labor market, and a stagnant economy (all three variables of which are in play in Japan, the US and Europe) make marriage and dating impossible for many young men.  But sticking with the effect digital technology has had on the sexes, we cannot ignore its effect on women.  For while digital technology in the form of porn, digital wives, and sexbots are all competing against women for the attention of men, digital technology also competes against men for the attention of women.  Namely, social media.

While demand for women has gone down because they've been substituted out, demand for men has also been decreasing because women have found their own substitute good - social media.  Simplifying things a lot (but not by much), men want sex, women want attention.  And while porn has certainly lowered men's demand for women, social media has DEVASTATED women's demand for men.

Women no longer have to date you, tolerate you, be pretty, be nice, or be kind to get attention.  They simply have to post a couple well-angled pics on Facebook or Twitter, and BOOM!  A limitless source of attention from THE ENTIRE WORLD OF MEN.  Flirts, winks, emoticons, texts, sexts.  They're getting everything they want without having to give up sex or committing to one guy, so why should they buy the cow when they get the milk for free?

This has not "cleared" the courting market, as much as it has evacuated it where both parties (suppliers and demanders) leave the market because they've found a substitute, if not, superior good.  Men, who may have demanded women, are leaving the marriage market for porn, and women, who supply marriage/dates/sex, are also leaving for social media.  The result is a drastic drop in marriage, sex, and dating that can be classically graphed using economics:

This, of course, spells doom for socialist economies and politicians who rely on bribing old people with social security to vote for them.  Without younger people marrying, breeding, and having children, minimalist herbivores and MGTOW's won't work up the tax base necessary to continue financing these social security ponzi schemes.  This is why Japan (and other countries) have launched lame PSA campaigns trying to get native suckers younger adults to breed.  What's worse, however, is the delicious irony that these exact same socialists are the ones who pushed feminism hard in all of Western civilization, which also provided great disincentive for men to marry and breed.  You then throw in digital technology that has advanced to such a state, AND capitalizes on the disgust the sexes have for each other, and you've manage to destroy the entire marriage market and any hope future hosts children will be around to be parasited off of by the elders continue on society.

But my view is a bit more empirical and cynical.  If it's come to the point women would rather attention-whore on Facebook and men would rather marry a hologram than get together in the real world and rub naughty bits together, I say let it burn and enjoy the decline.  Society, no matter what the country, doesn't deserve to continue on.
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swiftfoxmark2 said...

This has been something that has been on my radar for a while. What most women don't realize is that they are in direct competition with porn, sexbots, sex dolls, and everything else.

This is why prostitution was banned, besides the obvious religious reasons. It was because women can't compete with that when they naturally behave like shrill, unattractive, and ugly trollops.

Jason said...

If you haven't read about it, the Universe 25 experiment is worth studying. You can read the description of it's history and methodology here:

Pay particular attention to the "beautiful ones".

Yeah, people are not mice, but we *are* social mammals, and the similarities are eerie.

Man of the Atom said...

The unfortunate thing for women (and men) is that eventually the Social Media attention whoring is NOT enough for women as the Baby Rabies hits. Then they want a man (for a while) to produce a baby. Men who have gone down the road of herbivore or MGTOW only need the "next upgrade" to whatever the replacement for women might be.

Swiftfoxmark2 hits it: until Women (capital W) see porn, waifus, holograms, sexbots, artificial wombs, whatever-is-next as competitors, they will play the game in an ever shrinking market as they rapidly age out of their window to snag a husband-worthy man.

Isaiah 4:1 comes to mind.


mts1 said...

J.P Morgan said he'd rather have 1% of 100 people's effort than 100% of one's. Women are applying this in spades as Aaron, your dear reader, and I are each nicked a bit every payday to support the ultimate Apex Alpha, sugar daddy Uncle Sam, and through him, all the little feral ones. Just because you got snipped and don't have kids, you still have kids. And not kids of your good breeding, either. See that guy in prison for manslaughter with the face tats and no impulse control? His.

For 50 years, women have told men they need them like a fish needs a bicycle. Men cause all their problems. If a woman robbed a store, it's because a man put her up to it, and she was helpless to resist, at the same time I am Woman Watch Me Roar. After 50 years, men said, "Okaaaaay" and listened to women when they said they didn't want men ruining their lives any more.

If there is one thing that will hurt the mgtows, it's not having sired kids of their DNA. It's a big draw, actually, quite existential, as we weren't just put here to Buy Crap, save it, then die a dead end. There's a reason breeding is called the Prime Directive. But we also know the law, courts and police alike, hate on men, and the odds favor her kicking him out of the house and he losing influence over his kids anyway, and I'd guess the thought of some other dude or series of dudes assuming the dad role, disciplining his sons and men of questionable repute being around his daughters under mom's roof, that's the only pain I can see that would be worse than dying the end of a line.

Peregrine John said...

Geez, man, there are so many of your rants I'd love to deliver myself, by podcast - and this is a prime example. Except that you actually do that already, with your own voice. It boils down to wishing I'd said it, I suppose.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"I met someone who looks a lot like you ...
She does the things you do ...
But she is an IBM."

Electric Light Orchestra --
"Yours Truly, 2095":

"Although her memory banks overflow
No one would ever know
For all she says: 'Is that what you want?'
Maybe one day I'll feel her cold embrace
And kiss her interface
'Til then, I'll leave her alone."

David Jravis said...

Reminds me of the mad scientist charachter from "Archer", only his hologram wife was a tad more advanced. I wonder if they got the idea from that show... Or if the show got the idea from them?

Whatever. That commercial was pretty depressing.

Tucanae Services said...

"If there is one thing that will hurt the mgtows, it's not having sired kids of their DNA." -- mts1

Don't be surprised when a offshore birther farm comes to fruition to fulfill that need. Surrogates willing to bring children to term with no legal complications. All with the sanitized records to back it up.

Anonymous said...

This is the one thing I don't understand. By your viewpoint, this shouldn't be happening in Japan. Japan in many ways is still a conservative country and the women are expected to be subservient to their men as a part of that. Are the Japanese women not wanting to put up with that expectation? Is it because the culture hasn't figured out a way for men and women to meet in a socially acceptable way with urbanization not being compatible with more old fashioned ways of meeting.

Kirby said...

Everyone is roughly familiar with the Chinese "empty branches"; guys who don't have a shot in hell of getting married because of the giant sex imbalance.
But another surprise is the "Left over women" phenomenon in China. There are alot of Chinese girls who are swimming in an ocean of D, and can't quite reach out and snag one.

The rich ones want to eat pray bang like their western sisters. They got BC and abortion doctors and don't want a man keeping them down. The really poor ones from the sticks are being picked up by pimps and managers to feed the ravenous sex industry. No babies of wives from that lot. The middle ones are paralyzed by a smorgasbord of suitors; afraid to pick the wrong one.There's always a better man, just around the corner.

Meanwhile the PRC is hosed. The poulation bomb is going to blow up even worse then they expected. Its a fascinating trend to watch.

Kirby said...

You've nailed the baby rabies issue on the head. What will happen of/when male contraceptives become a thing?

Will women demand that the gov give them fertility treatments (in vitro and donor-sperm) for free the same way they've demanded free birth control? Will feminists preach to the Blue-pills that they're obligated to "Give her what she wants?" Will feminists try to pain the whole thing as a mysogenistic plot to somehow "hurt women"? Will we see feminists protesting providers?

I'm really interested in how this turns out. They're already fighting the research and development of male contraceptives, but Pandora's box will be opened. After that, who knows?

Agent J said...

I see two likely possibilities. The first is, like prostitution, this will all be banned and women will use the vote and guilt to force men to do what women want. The second is, we become like Japan, except the usual cohort of alpha badboys who die of exhaustion in bed servicing women with Babies Rabies. Well, ladies, you got your guilt-free divorce (with associated side benefit of destroying the men who actually loved you), birth control, and abortion... hope you enjoy the herpes, iPhones and cats.